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    Dave228 on #6842

    I am sorry, I didn’t make the connection to this issue and your new update for the theme.

    I will wait for the updater so I don’t lose anything, since its only on internet explorer. Phones and firefox works fine.

    Keep me posted,
    Thank you.

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    Dave228 on #6817

    I will email you some issues shortly. Seems the Fancy Blue layout is still a problem.

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    Dave228 on #6801

    When will the fix be ready for this theme?

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    Dave228 on #6780

    Hello Brajesh,

    1) Full admin control. If you can do both great. See below for optimal control.

    2) You kind of know my project so I won’t elaborate too far here.
    Basically I want to control who and what my users can see regarding their profiles and if possible, the individual Xprofile fields.

    To really do this right, I should have control over the whole profile as well as the individual profile fields becasue I have needs to hide entire profiles from certain users, and other needs where I only want to hide certain Xprofile fields from certain users.

    If I had visibility settings like Admin only, Member Types, and WP Roles that would be great. I would need to be able to mix and match these methods for selecting who could see a profile, or Xprofile field. Meaning I might need to select a couple member types, or WP roles to define the setting.

    Selection Definitions.
    Admin only – would be like hidden, except admin would see it.
    Member types – should include custom made ones.
    WP roles – should include custom made ones, as well as the standard WP ones.
    Friends – users friends would be able to see this field.

    User Deferred – This could be a way for the admin to allow the user to decide who can see the field. Admin can not be denied visibility.

    Question – Can you make it possible for users to create more than 1 list of friends? that would be pretty cool.

    I know these requests are probably a nightmare to accomplish but I figure I may as well ask for everything and then settle for what is reasonable.

    Thanks for your time.