BuddyPress User Profile Completion to only work after set number of logins

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    Philip Strothmann on #23655

    Hey guys,

    I am currently using your BuddyPress User Profile Completion plugin to force users to complete their buddypress profiles in combination with Member Types Pro and everything works great! However I ran into an issue with redirection rules.

    Now I was wondering whether it would be possible to create an additional setting that would allow me to set a number of login times after which then the Profile Completion redirect becomes active? Essentially I need other redirects to specific pages (which I can set in Member Press Pro) after the first or second login to work, before I then force users to complete their profile.

    Is that something that could be added to the plugin by means of an additional filter that allows the plugin to only become active after e.g. the third login?

    Thanks in advance for looking into this possibility 🙂

    Kind regards, Philip

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    Brajesh Singh on #23659

    Hi Philip,
    Thank you for using the plugin.
    Will it work if you can exclude the pages redirect by member types pro? That is the simplest thing.

    It is possible to count login but that will need a lot more customisation. Specially keeping track of the number of login after profile became incomplete.

    Please let me know if skipping member type reidirected page will work?


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    Philip Strothmann on #23661

    Dear Brajesh,

    thanks for your quick reply 🙂 You mean we set a filter that the Profile Completion check only fires if the user would not be redirected to page XY? That could work.

    So in my case the issue is that when people are signing up via Memberpress (and do not use the free account option), the payment and account creation process stopped working since the last Memberpress update because it seems that they included some sort of change which caused the Memberpress redirects not to overrule the Profile Completion check, like they did before.

    Previously a user signed up via Memberpress, then got forwarded to a specific Thank You page and Member Type Pro set the member type based on the role assigned by Memberpress. Next time the user would login, the Profile Completion redirect would kick in. Unfortunately, now something has changed and thus the moment I click on “Submit” in the Memberpress registration form, an account is created, but no payment is processed and users end up being stuck at the buddypress profile page.

    That’s why I thought using a filter based on number of logins after account activation could solve the issue? But your approach of excluding the Thank You pages could also work, if you tell me how to set it up 🙂

    Kind regards, Philip

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