[Resolved] BuddyPress User Profile Tabs Creator Pro: Creating a User Portfolio


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    Mark Haygen on #37347

    I have created a tab with the name “Portfolio” with the subnavs “Video”, “Photos” and “Documents”. I’m not sure where to go from here. I’d like for each user to be able to upload the appropriate content into each subnav to create their own portfolio. How can I accomplish this?

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    Brajesh Singh on #37357

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for using the plugin.

    The profile tabs Pro plugin does not add any such functionality on its own. If you have a plugin that allows users to upload and list media, you can use the shortcodes inside the tabs.

    If you are using BuddyPress, you may check MediaPress or RT Media. These 2 plugins provide similar functionalities(and you will not need Profile Tabs plugin in that case).


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