BuddyPress Xprofile "Couples" Profile Plugin Request

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    Dave228 on #6758

    Buddy Press is really lacking in the Xprofile area. I have outlined some features that would really help. I dont think there is one plugin out there that does everything I need, and based on all the little plugins, I think there is a big need for this.

    Scope – Provide a useful Xprofile section of BuddyPress that works for Singles & Couples Profiles.

    Concept –

    1) Redesign the Xprofile area by adding field types [Single] and [Couple] that create 1 or 2 columns of profile data so the Xprofile can be used to represent a single user profile or a couple profile.

    2) Add an [Active user] field that adds a banner to the profile showing which half of the couple is actively using the account.

    3) Maybe a better solution to deal with couples profiles might be to have the registration process create a second profile and link them together so they display in each others profile. This way there would be separate accounts for each user to participate online with, while still displaying as a couple profile with 2 columns.

    4) If that is to complicated for a registration process how about letting the admin or the users be able to link 2 existing profiles together to display as a couple.

    5) Add a [Gender] field type.

    6) Add multi layer conditional logic too.

    The above work would essentially create 4 main groups of users Single Male, Single Female, Couple Male half, and Couple Female Half. From that these features would be good to have.

    1) Provide admin controlled visibility settings between the 4 groups.

    2) Design the groups so that Roles,Capabilities, and Permissions can be applied to them by other plugins, or add those features to your plugin.

    The world is lacking a WELL DESIGNED comprehensive plugin that offers feature rich options to the Xprofile interface that deals with the concept of couples profiles, permissions, visibility, and capabilities. Based on your amazingly adjustable Community Builder Theme, I think you are just the right guy to make this awesome plugin to go with it.

    Hopefully other site admins will read thru this, add their own ideas to it, and push for this new plugin.

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