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    Anders Hidman on #23403
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    Anders Hidman on #23404

    OK I will try from start.
    Here iss my issues:
    When I click on blog> new post in my profile, the option is not available to give the blog entry a password. Also options for selecting categories and tags are missing. (I have them in admin backend)
    When I click on the “Write” button in the upper right corner, “the right” window for adding posts opens.
    That window I would like to come to even when I click on ad post in my profile.
    I attach two pictures that may clarify what I mean.
    This is what happens when I use add new post from my profile:
    This is what happens when I click the “type” button at the top of the page:
    Can you help me fix this?
    Best regards
    Anders Hidman

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    Brajesh Singh on #23411


    Please revisit BudyBlog settings. You have checked the Taxonomies but not enabled them. Please enable them from the option.

    Also, for author, Please see my post here


    Your issues are related to BuddyBlog configuration.


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