Change Profile Visibility for *EXISTING* users? Also in Bulk?

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    Blake Miller on #38382

    I’m using profile visibility on a bunch of sites and it works great… but only for new/future users on any given site.

    I remember seeing somewhere either in blog comments or here that there was pending functionality for admins to be able to bulk/mass update existing users. Is that possible?

    With that said, what is the recommended approach for an admin to change an existing user? There are no controls in the WP Admin profile / extended profile area. Can it only be changed from the front end? Meaning I have to “Switch To” each user, and then back and forth?



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    Brajesh Singh on #38391

    Hi Blake,
    Thank you for using the plugin.

    At the moment,t there is no direct answer to that.

    If you are ok with modifying via database query, I can supply the code(will need to know your user meta table name with prefix).

    Please note that this approach will reset other user’s current preference too.


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