Child theme not pulling from Pro after upgrade

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    David Riewe on #36104

    I upgraded to the Community Builder Pro. Since I was using the Child Theme I changed it to be the following:

    * Theme Name: Community Builder Child
    * Theme URI: https://buddydev.com/themes/communit-builder/
    * Version: 2.0.1
    * Author: BuddyDev
    * Author URI: https://BuddyDev.com
    * Template: community-builder-pro
    * Description: A child theme which can be used to extend/personalize community builder
    * License: GPL2 or above

    But it is still using the free version of community builder 🙁

    I tried removing the community builder theme from my themes folder and it blew up my site. Fortunately I had it backuped and just restored the backup on another VS and assigned my ip to it. But I still am on the free theme and have no pro.

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    David Riewe on #36105

    My themes folder has the following folders

    The child theme is active and definitely inheriting everything from community-builder.

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    David Riewe on #36106

    Oh Snap!

    I think I fixed it. I activated another theme then came back to the child theme and activated it. Now when I go into the customizer I do not see messages asking me to go pro. 🙂

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    Brajesh Singh on #36110

    Hi David,
    Thank you for becoming a pro member.

    I am glad it is resolved. Please make sure that you have the “community-builder-pro” theme installed too.

    In order to upgrade from Community Builder to Pro, we need to follow two steps.

    1. Download and install the community builder pro theme
    2. Update the child theme(You have already done it correctly)


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