[Resolved] Comment activity does not work

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    carasse on #44455


    I can create new post normally.

    But, when I want to comment or reply any activity, I can type my text but when I click on the “Comment”/’Reply” button nothing happens.

    Also, I just have created a new group. At the end of the group creation, a white page with the text “Busted” was displayed. . I just refreshed the page and the new group was created and it works. May it have a link with my “comment” problem ?

    Information : In settings/Buddypress/options the box to allow comments is checked.



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    carasse on #44456

    I have disabled the Activity Link Preview For BuddyPress plugin and now it works fine (from WBCom design).


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    Ravi on #44463

    Hello Fabien,

    Thank you for sharing the information that caused the conflict. I am glad that The problem is resolved on your own.


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