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    olivier GUY on #44070

    I am using buddyboss on a multisite WP.

    The Conditional-profile-field-for-buddypress plugin is installed with BB.

    I encounter a problem which I had not seen previously. It seems that when you delete conditional fields, it generates an error in the console :

    Conditional Profile Fields: There seems to be some html issue and I am not able to fix it, Please tell that to the developer: field_id:{field_id}

    Following the advice given her : https://buddydev.com/support/forums/topic/conditional-profile-fields-html-issue/ I have updated with the latest plugin files but his does not change.

    For the moment, I must delete the plugin otherwise, nobody can register.

    Thanks for advice,


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    Brajesh Singh on #44071

    Hi Olivier,
    Thank you for using the plugin.

    1. We do not test this plugin with BuddyBoss. So, don’t know if it works or not.

    2. From your reply, it seems that the plugin does not understand the structure of one of the fields used on that page(condition is applied but it is not able to find the field in html).

    We do not have plan to support BuddyBoss for this plugin, so I will suggest contacting BuddyBoss and seeing if they can help you. If they have some suggestions, I will be glad to add it.


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    olivier GUY on #44077

    Thank you Brajesh,
    I have asked BB support, but I doubt they will suggest something useful…
    Just for the record, end from what I can understand, the error happens when a conditional field is deleted. The plugin still searches for it and that throws the error.
    I will let you know about BB support answer.

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