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    Alex G on #19656

    Hi I have 2 questions:

    1. How do I make another tab the default home tab for a group and hide the activity tab altogether? I’ve tried altering the forum tab and ticking ‘set it as default component’ but the home/activity tab still remains. I’ve also tried doing the same thing with a new tab. And I’ve tried to switch off the home tab by ticking the modify button and using ‘home’ as the slug (not sure what it should be) and leaving it ticked as inactive. Noe of the above have worked…

    2. If I am able to create a new default tab, how do I define what content shows on it? Is there a way to make it by default show some dynamic information (location, events, latest forum topics) or allow the group admin to post things to it?

    Help is appreciated, thank you.

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    Alex G on #19657


    I was able to resolve the first issue.

    But is there a way to show unique content in a tab or allow the user to create it as per the second question?

    Thank you.

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    Brajesh Singh on #19658

    Hi Alex,
    AThank you for the questions.

    I am glad you resolved the first one.

    For second question:- At the moment, a user can not update the content for their tab. You can still show the dynamic content.

    1. For Group:- You can use Dynamic Group Tab content plugin and add content unique to each group. You can also use other shortcodes if you have , to generated dynamic content.


    2. If you are asking for User Profile Tabs creator Pro:- We are planning for a future version where user may be able to update the content. There is no ETA for that yet.

    Still, you can use any shortcode to generate dynamic content or you can use Dynamic User Tab content plugin to add it for each user(admin can add content for each user).
    Please see https://buddydev.com/docs/buddypress-user-profile-tabs-creator-pro/getting-started-buddypress-user-profile-tabs-creator-pro/

    Hope that helps.


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