If you are using BuddyPress Group Tabs Creator Pro, you already know that you can easily create tabs/sub tabs for groups.  There are times when you want each group to have group specific content and not the common content that is shared between all groups.

To enable creating creating Group specific content for tabs, we have BuddyPress Dynamic Group Tab content plugin. It allows you to

  • Create posts with unique content
  • Assign that posts to a specific group and tab combination
  • And gives you the shortcode that you can use with the BuddyPress Group Tabs Creator Pro. The shortcode will show content specific to group when a tab for that group is opened.




You can install like any normal WordPress plugin. Here is our guide for installing WordPress plugin.


Before we start creating content, I suggest that you go ahead and add group tabs as normal.

Once you have created the tabs/sub tabs, we can start creating dynamic content for a group.

To create content, Please click on Dashboard->Group Tabs->Tab Contents as shown below.

Creating Dynamic Content with BuddyPress Group Tabs Creator

You will see the option to add new post/content as shown below.

Creating Dynamic Content with BuddyPress Group Tabs Creator

Once you click on Add New, you will see the screen to create post/content. This screen has following options

  • Post Title:- This is for your reference and we don’t show it on front end
  • Post Content:- This is the content that will be shown for the group
  • Associated Group:- Allows you to assign a group to this content. You just need to type a few letters, It will auto suggest groups.
  • Type:- It serves the purpose to allow us create multiple content per group. A combination of group and type is always unique. Even though it is only meant to allow us uniquely identify the content, You can related it as logically equivalent to actual sub tab. This mental modal will help you understand the work flow easily.

Let us see it in action:-


And then, we copy this shortcode(Only needed if you are creating a tab specific content first time) and put it in the BuddyPress group Tabs Entry

Creating Dynamic Content with BuddyPress Group Tabs Creator

That’s all.

Let us create some content for another group for the same help tab.

As you see, The shortcode is same even though we have assigned different groups. And that’s why for a tab, you only need to copy the shortcode and update once.

Let us see the results.

As you see, the content changes based on the group.


Pro Tips:-

  • Create One Type per Sub nav tab.
  • Name the content something meaningful to easily identify.
  • Only create contents for the groups you want to have specific content, for other’s you can always use the tab content from the group tabs as fallback.