BuddyPress Group Tabs Creator Pro allows you to dynamically create any number of sub navs. Here is a list of options you can customize.

Enable Subnav:-

Use this option to enable/disable a sub nav item.


It allows you to update the subnav label.


It is the sub nav slug and becomes part of the url(e.g http://example.com/groups/groups-name/tab-slug/sub-nav-slug/). Please make sure that all the sub navs of a component have different slugs. You can use same slug for sub navs in different tabs(component). A slug should not have space.

Site Admin Only:-

Do you want this sub nav to be visible to site admin only? If yes, Please check this box.

Tab visibility:-

Who can see the sub nav. You can select one or more role.


In case you want the sub nav to link to a custom url. It is optional.


You can specify the sub nav item css id using this option. It is optional.


You can use any text/html in the content. You can also use shortcodes. By using shortcode you can easily integrate any plugin with BuddyPress(If that is your intention).

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