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    anon.imus on #17262


    i have buddyblog installed on my site, when i publish a post, the featured image is way too big on the activity stream and site-wide activity, i have to scroll down in order to view the whole image. is there a way images uploaded in a blog post can be the same size as media uploads? i installed mediapress but i could not upload anything, i waited and waited but the upload never finished.

    kind regards

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    Brajesh Singh on #17277

    Hi Bonga,
    The size of a featured image is controlled by your theme. The theme support it and registers it. It should be same what you upload from the dashboard and set as featured.

    I will recommend contacting theme support to assist with you and if there is anything they need I can assist.

    For MediaPress:- Do you want to use it for media uploads? if yes, Please link me to the site with a username and password( Just need a basic subscriber account to check upload) and I can help you get it working for sure.

    Thank you

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    anon.imus on #17735
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