General about future of standalone buddydev plugins

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    Bruno Verrier on #28717

    Hello the team,
    Hope you’re safe.

    A general question about your premium and free standalone plugins.

    As you develop your buddypress theme, you will spend more time there, I suppose.
    I don’t need the theme with embedded plugins but only standalone plugins.
    I use BuddyPres / bbPress with JupiterX and elementor pro (yes I do and it works!)

    So, will you still maintain and improve existing stand-alone plugins.

    Thank you

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    Brajesh Singh on #28729

    Hi Bruno,
    I hope you are safe and doing well too.

    Thank you for the question.

    We have a separate team for themes currently(including a few members sharing time among themes and plugins development ) and we do not plan to release too many themes. Our goal is to release limited number of themes that we believe is needed.

    Time is not an issue and we will be able to focus even more on our plugins as theme(s) have started giving us better stability financially. It will have a positive effect overall.

    We are not only going to maintain/develop our plugins, we are going to release some more feature rich plugins this year.

    Please keep an eye on our plugin pages for the change 🙂


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