How do handle high amount of plugins – my server has been sitting at 100% CPU

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    Graham Hoffman on #19638

    The last few weeks my web-server keeps sitting at 100% Spikes (admin-ajax) and at this point my host is saying to lower the amount of plugins. Of course they can (and would increase resources) but they’re telling me it would still max out.

    Now, I understand people say keep Plugins down low, but it’s functionality that my audience love. What’s the best way to handle it?

    My website is a hub, so I have a map directory, a sales area and of course BuddyPress. But, all of these features require plugins. What exactly does a BuddyPress do if they can’t have functionality like ‘Capital Letter in Usernames’ or ‘Non-Editable Profile Fields’?

    Apparently it’s my admin-ajax causing problems, but this doesn’t mean alot to me. Any suggestions, feedback or advice would be amazing.

    I’ve included a list, but bascially it cuts into WPMUDEV, BuddyDev, Geodirectory, WPAdverts and AppPresser for 90% of the plugins.

    Advanced Database Cleaner
    Allow Capital Letters In Username
    AppBuddy AppPresser
    AppCamera AppPresser
    AppCommunity AppPresser
    App-Geolocation AppPresser
    AppPresser Plugin Block AppPresser
    AppPresser AppPresser
    AppPush AppPresser
    AppShare AppPresser
    BuddyPress Clear Notifications BuddyDev – BuddyPress
    Community Activity On profile BuddyDev – BuddyPress
    BuddyPress Default Email Notification Settings Control BuddyDev – BuddyPress
    BP Force Profile Photo BuddyDev – BuddyPress
    BP Non Editable Profile Fields BuddyDev – BuddyPress
    BuddyPress Private Message Rate Limiter BuddyDev – BuddyPress
    BP Profile Search Theme Related – KLEO
    WordPress Username Availability Checker BuddyDev – BuddyPress
    BuddyBoss Media
    BuddyBoss Products Updater
    BuddyDev Dashboard BuddyDev – BuddyPress
    BuddyPress Moderation Tools BuddyDev – BuddyPress
    Caldera Forms
    Custom Sidebars Pro WPMUDEV
    Envato Market Theme Related – KLEO
    GeoDirectory Advanced Search Filters Geodirectory – Map
    GeoDirectory Ajax Duplicate Alert Geodirectory – Map
    GeoDirectory BuddyPress Integration Geodirectory – Map
    GeoDirectory Claim Listings Geodirectory – Map
    GeoDirectory Custom Post Types Geodirectory – Map
    GeoDirectory Location Manager Geodirectory – Map
    GeoDirectory Geodirectory – Map
    WPBakery Page Builder Theme Related – KLEO
    K Elements Theme Related – KLEO
    Kadence Blocks – Gutenberg Page Builder Toolkit
    Nav Menu Roles
    Ninja Forms Geodirectory – Map
    Regenerate Thumbnails
    Slider Revolution Theme Related – KLEO
    Simple Custom CSS
    Simple Image Sizes
    YIKES Simple Taxonomy Ordering
    Social Articles Premium
    Social Articles
    SQ KLEO Monetizer Theme Related – KLEO
    SQ Sidebar Generator Theme Related – KLEO
    Title Remover
    Ultimate Branding WPMUDEV
    WP Easy Updates WPAdverts – Marketplace
    SEOPress PRO
    Smush Pro WPMUDEV
    WP Adverts – BuddyPress Integration WPAdverts – Marketplace
    WP Adverts – Category Icons WPAdverts – Marketplace
    WP Adverts – Custom Fields WPAdverts – Marketplace
    WPAdverts – Customise Adverts slugs. WPAdverts – Marketplace
    Force Featured Image. WPAdverts – Marketplace
    WP Adverts – Maps and Locations WPAdverts – Marketplace
    WP Adverts – Mark As Sold WPAdverts – Marketplace
    WP Adverts – Restricted Categories WPAdverts – Marketplace
    WP Adverts WPAdverts – Marketplace
    WPMU DEV Dashboard WPMUDEV

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    Brajesh Singh on #19646

    Hi Graham,
    From the looks of the issue, you have a plugin which is doing successive polling. Look for a plugin that does some kind of real time things or notifications.

    None of our plugins that you use from us does any polling, so I can assure that it is not us.

    As far as number of plugins are concerned, It is never an issue for server(It is a maintenance issue though). The issue concerns to what plugin you are using and what they do?

    My suggestion will be disabling plugins and seeing it on a staging site.

    Also, you can use heartbeat control to control the polling by BuddyPress.


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