[Resolved] How to access private group when homepage is removed?

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    I have a unique problem and wondering if there’s a way to get around it.

    I set my group as private and then when users enter the group they have to request membership. As described in this BuddyPress help doc.

    Everything works, I can log in as a test user and when I enter the group it takes me to the group’s homepage and tells me I have to join. Once I join and am approved I can see the ret of the pages.

    But I don’t like the group’s homepage, it’s the group’s activity feed for the group.

    So I used your other plugin to remove it and I created an “About the Group” page and set it as my default page for the group – Groups Tab Creator.

    Now when I click on the group as a test user it takes me to a “page not found” page. Why? Because the group is set to private and the About page is only accessible if I’m a member. Because I removed the Homepage I can’t gain access to the group.

    Is there a way to make the new custom About page on the group’s homepage? That way I can click on the group, it will take me to the About page, then since I’m not a member it will present me with an option to Request Memebrship. If I can set the homepage for the group I think that will solve the problem. Making a page the default page does not set it as the homepage it looks like.

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