How to add repeating field into BuddyPress user profile

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    Bruno Verrier on #27096

    I’ve been fighting with the BuddyPress user profile for several days.
    I created a tab (I use BuddyPress User Profile Tabs Creator Pro) in which I want the user to be able to add or modify field values ​​of his profiles. (list of skills). For this first I thought of using BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types. But since there is no possibility of creating groups of repetitive fields, I turned to ACF Pro. So, I created a group of fields (let’s call it my_group) in which there are nested repetitive fields (like category, title, value, description…) I tested it in a post and it works as I want.
    But how do you make this group of fields appear in a BuddyPress profile tab?
    What are the possible solutions?
    I also thought of creating a CPT (like “Skills”) but it seems very heavy to implement and there may be simpler.
    Thank you

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    Bruno Verrier on #27097

    Additional information.
    I also thought as a solution to insert a shortcode in the profile form but the possibility does not exist.

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    Bruno Verrier on #27098

    Hello again,
    Sorry. Forget what I said before. After a night of sleep, it seems clear to me that what I want to do CPT for is the right way.
    So users can create and modify as much information as they want and I can also add taxonomies.
    So my question now is: how can I assign to the BuddyPress user profile all the CPTs he / she has written?
    Thank you again.

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    Brajesh Singh on #27103

    Hi Bruno,
    Thank you for the topic.

    for your last question:- You will need a shortcode that accepts user id and lists all the posts from a specific post type.

    I am not sure if there exists a plugin(there should be some) or not. Please check it on WordPress.org plugin search.

    If you find one, I can assist you with how to replace the user id with displayed user id(we have replace option for strings).


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    Bruno Verrier on #27107

    Hello Brajesh,

    What about this idea?
    I have already created a CPT (CPT-UI & ACF) with taxonomie and so on. Then I’ll intend to use BuddyBlog and BuddyPress Simple Front End editor. Finally I’ll put the submission form in a BuddyPress User Profile Tab.

    That way is the post attached to the BP user ?

    (Never mind if it’s not sync with WP profile as far as I can do some search to find the info from taxonomies and get the post author back)
    Thank You

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