[Resolved] How to link blog posts to a group?

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    I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this and hoping that one of the BuddyDev plugins can help me. I would like to create regular WP blog posts and have them link to a specific BuddyPress group. So for example I have a group called Students and I create blog posts in WordPress and assigning them the category of Students.

    At this point, the blog posts don’t show up anywhere on the group. But what I’m looking for is that all members that are part of the group would see these blog posts in their activity feed. Hope that makes sense. Any advice on how to make this work?

    I am currently using BuddyBlog Pro for a different reason but maybe this plugin can help make this happen?

    I thought Blog Categories For Groups plugin would help but not sure how it works exactly. I installed it and seems like I need to install BP Simple Front End Post plugin to make it work. During testing I still couldn’t make it work 🙁

    BUT I was hoping to have less plugins so hoping I can make this work by just using regular WP blog posts and link them to a group or use BuddyBlog Pro somehow since it’s already installed.

    Any advice?

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    r08 on #36502

    By the way I was able to make the BP Simple Front End Post plugin to work.

    Still wondering if I can achieve this using WP posts or BuddyBlog Pro

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