Is it possible to restrict Global Activity on Buddypress?

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    callie on #28533

    Hello, I would like to restrict global activity stream so that my members will only see notifications/activities/updates/@mentions that they are personally involved in (in BBPress forums that they are in, in Buddypress groups that they are in and @mentions)

    So they don’t receive updates on new groups, new forums and other stuff if they are not added to these groups

    Is this possible with Buddypress Activity Shortcode? Or is there some other plugin I should use instead?

    Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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    Brajesh Singh on #28547

    Hi Callie,
    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    You can use the parameter for=”logged” in the shortcode to list the activities of the logged in user only.

    If you want to show the group’s/friend’s activities(of the user but not personally involved), Please do take a look at our Facebook like Activity Stream plugin



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