Maximus Page Builder Issues

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    Dave228 on #9524

    Hello Brajesh,

    Your Maximus Page Builder is a VERY handy tool. As I get more familiar with it I have found a few issues which covered in an email to you since it was easier to attach screen shots. I will just label the topics here.

    Contact Module – Border lines do not work and Catpacha answer field is not large enough to display a 2 digit answer. I also requested info on how to change the way the sent email displays.

    Text Toggle Module – Does not display on the BuddyPress Groups Page.

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    Brajesh Singh on #9528

    Hi Dave,
    I have replied to your mails now. Will have an update for the Builder in next 2 days to address the email form issue.

    About use on BuddyPress pages, BuddyPress resets the $wp_query and the contents of the page. It won’t work with BuddyPress pages.

    I will try and see if I can do something about it. There is a vary small chance that I might get it working.

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