[Resolved] MediaPress Moderation not hiding images in feed

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    Richard Foley on #14024

    I have the moderate settings set to 1 (user report). When a user reports a media, the image is hidden from public/member view, and correctly marked as such under the admin/moderate page.

    However, the FEED image/thumbnail is NOT hidden!

    This means a user can report an image, and because the feed image thumbnail is still visible, they continue to try to report the image… To clarify, the problem is that the feed thumbnail remains visible.

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    Brajesh Singh on #14025

    Hi Richard,
    Please upgrade the Media Moderator plugin. We released an updated simultaneously for MediaPress and the Moderator.

    The new version of MediaPress has a different strategy for querying and that’s why the old moderator plugin won’t work.


    Best Regards

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