Mediapress – Set Cover Image Addon not working

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    Kir on #43177


    – I’m having trouble with the Set as Cover addon.

    It redirects to the edit cover screen but then I’m getting the error msg ‘Unable to set as cover’ each time I use it, whether from the image itself or gallery link.

    I’ve tried uploading an image with dimensions that 100% exceed the recommended size, in case this was the issue, but unfortunately still no luck. Can you think why this might be happening?

    – Additionally, when the link is injected it could do with a space after it on both the image and also the gallery view, because out of the box if you try using both Set as Profile Cover and Set as Profile Image there is no space between the links.

    – Also the option doesn’t seem to appear on all images, although it seems to appear on all images in the gallery view. Any tips as to why this might be happening?

    – Mediapress Featured images – the problem I found is this: If admin has determined only 4 images should show, when you select 4 images in the front end, there is no notice or warning after you have selected the 4th already and try to choose one more. It still allows you to select another image as featured, treating it as though with the button changing status to ‘remove featured’ instead of ‘set as featured’, except it doesn’t show in the list.

    This could be confusing for a user who does not know of the limit. Especially with a gallery with many images.

    If as a front end user you go through and add more images than the limit set in admin, and you likely would do that, if the button each time your press it, seems to behave as though the image is being changed to ‘featured’ status. The end result is confusion – lots of media with buttons appearing to show a featured image when it isn’t. You would have to go back and remove ‘featured’ again – so the button displays correctly as ‘set featured’ – to properly reflect the ‘real life’ status of the media.

    This in turn makes it less clear that any other image you select over and above the limit set by admin, will show in the featured list once you’ve deleted one of the previously selected options taking up the limit / allowance.

    This isn’t user-friendly for the front end user trying to employ the ‘set as featured’ tool – and could become very confusing / tiresome for them if their user journey takes them to the image lightboxes first and they try to set images as featured from there. Is there some kind of notice to add?

    Maybe a check of the images set against the limit chosen by admin onclick, and when the admin’s chosen number has been reached a little error could pop up saying: ‘Featured Limit of X reached, remove an item to add another’ or something?

    Or another suggestion just for a little bit of help towards the user’s info, (although again it won’t be much use if they try to feature many images from the lightbox first…), could be to add a line of information at the top of the gallery out of the box, saying: “You are invited to select “*INSERT ADMIN’S CHOSEN NUMBER HERE*” featured images which will appear at the top of your profile, please don’t try to feature more as they won’t appear”. But then the issue is the button shouldn’t really work if the limit has been reached. There should be a notice.

    I’d be grateful to hear your thoughts

    Kindest regards

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    Ravi on #43204

    Hello Kir,

    Thank you for posting here.

    1. Set as profile cover

    Answered here: https://buddydev.com/support/forums/topic/media-press-cover-image-addon-not-working/

    2. Please provide me with a screenshot for a better understanding of the issue.

    3. Action only appears on the user’s own media i.e. media he/she has uploaded.

    4. Thank you for the suggestion. We are not restricting users from making more featured media because all featured media will show under Featured Gallery and Featured Media tab. But we will check how we can allow users to select media to be shown in the header based on the limit. We will let you know accordingly.


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