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    Kreatsya on #17723

    Hello! First, let me tell you I love your plugins!

    I’m creating a social media website and I’m wondering if I should allow the members to upload videos and if I do, how long those videos should be. My disk space on A2 hosting is 25gb and the cloud traffic is unlimited. I hope that my website will have 50,000 active members +, and I’m wondering if videos would clog the traffic or not and if not, then how long should they be for the optimal performance of the website?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Brajesh Singh on #17748

    Hi Kreatsya,
    Thank you for using our plugins.

    If you are going for video upload storage and distributions will have a huge impact on your visitors. If possible, you should offload it for better performance.

    For a community of 50,000 active members, 25GB will not be sufficient. If you a really need users to upload videos, using a cloud storage is suggested.

    For smaller communities, local upload will work well too.

    PS:- Our cloud storage plugin will be available by the end of this month.


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    Kreatsya on #17755

    Thanks, Brajesh, that’s what I thought. I’d be sure to check your plugin when it comes out.

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