My Initial Feedback on Community-Builder

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    Graham Hoffman on #6577

    Here’s some of my feedback and feature list I’d like to see as a part of the Community-Builder theme.

    Please don’t take this feedback in any negative light, I’m a big fan of the theme and it’s gone down really well with my players. It’s just some stuff I’ve either noticed missing, slightly buggy or a wishlist of future features.

    1. customiser – change the right sidebar colours. I found I could edit the bottom half, but not where the BuddyPress profile area is.

    General Note – I found the customiser colouring quite difficult to understand what each heading relates to, perhaps that needs to be reordered or reworded in some way. Most the time I coloured things super bright and looked for the visual changes.

    2. Registration/Login via AJAX. I’m surprised this wasn’t automatically applied, but the buttons on the header should be able to work via Ajax

    3. Centralise Heading Menus – Probably easily done via Custom CSS, but it would be nice to see this in Styling Options. This includes widgets on BP not using formatting

    4. Have page/post headers feature the featured image full width. Instead of having a full-width header (text), or having a featured image (boxed)

    5. BuddyVerified Compatability – I wish you guys created an alternative and more updated plugin for this. I can’t believe we’re still using a plugin that just doesn’t get the support or development time. However, since you support it and I need a type of ‘account verification’ I’m using it. I find the Badges float around the screen and also cut off text.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8ypuo5jh0c4ccb/Screenshot%202016-11-30%2019.17.01.png?dl=0 – notice my reply at the bottom of the screenshot. Also the ‘label’ is pretty much useless on the header.

    Note: While we’re here, is there an alternative/better plugin for this type of feature?

    6. I find the ‘cog’ on friends/groups is easily falling ontop of images making it hard to identify. https://www.dropbox.com/s/93ghtqfjqc2ogm4/Screenshot%202016-11-30%2018.46.11.png?dl=0

    7. Any recommendations to have different widgets based on specific pages? I thought you might have that as it’s focused on BP. For example on a profile page I’d like to use specific profile widgets, but on groups I want a group based widget selection

    8. Updates on groups can leak outside the box. This may only apply to links. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mmvompbdokikt8c/Screenshot%202016-11-30%2019.31.23.png?dl=0

    9. Finally, the BP Profile Cover. Any recommendations as to how it can be made to look better. This isn’t speicifically a Community-Builder issue but I can’t believe all the BP sites use this default look. The text is usually hard to pick out (no labels to cover the text), and just looks ugly/cluttered. Just compare mine to FB.


    I’d love to know what you recommend or whether you think it’s something that could be reviewed?

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    Brajesh Singh on #6578

    Hi Graham,
    Thank you for the honest feedback. It is very helpful and I am very happy that you took time to list all.

    1. Good point, we did not add the support for customizing left/right offcanvas panel in our initial release. It is not difficult. We will add it in next update. Another good point about the heading vs the colors. We are working on an improvement to make it more meaningful out of the box.

    2. We did think about this and we had plans to supply ajax registration plugin freely with the theme. This one is coming very soon.

    3. I am sorry but can you please post me a screenshot to guide me? We can certainly add the feature.

    4. I am not sure if I understand it correctly, Please correct me here if I am wrong. The page headers can have fullwidth background image( you should get a meta box for uploading custom header). Are you trying to accomplish something different? Please help em understand and we will update.

    5. Good point. Even I thought about doing that. Please use this plugin for now. I am improving the activity comment issue.

    6.That’s an issue. There are two ways to handle it.
    a) We improve the visibility by using better color/larger font
    b) Or we use split button(like boot strap split button).
    These two options are possible with Community Builder but we haven’t given the settings for it. I will try to add a settings to do something out of the box .

    7. We did think about it a lot initially. Adding it as part of theme was not going to be very flexible the way we wanted, so we avoided doing it. We are releasing an addon for WooSidebars, specifically for BuddyPress to give you full control over all the pages(and components)
    8. It seems we missed it during update. we missed a word-wrap/word-break there. We have added it now.

    9. Good point. We completely understand it. In fact, we added a opacity option for background mask in our current development version to allow site owners control the proper contrast. You may check it on the Demo site(under Page Header section). It will be part of our next release and will help much.

    Can you please update about my two questions here? Except the Side panel customization(offcanvas), we can release the other updates today if needed. Or if you allow us one day, we can package all the changes together.

    Thank you

    PS: Please keep adding anything you need compatibility or find an issue. We sincerely appreciate your feedback as it is going to make the theme much better.

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    Graham Hoffman on #6581

    2. The Ajax plugin you guys have is enabled on my site, but I thought I had to add the ‘class’ which isn’t possible on the buttons by default? Sorry I’m still relatively new to the development aspects so this might be a simple fix. I’m a subbed member to your plugins.

    3. The menu under the logo is aligned-left, It would be nice to switch that to centre. Only because I orginally only wanted 3 options on the front but it looked weird.

    4. My mistake, I thought it automatically grabbed the ‘featured image’. I haven’t actually editted/added a new page yet. Yes I see I can add a custom image for the header. Thanks!

    7. I’ve not used Woosidebars – I’ll take a look. Any ETA on your plugin release?

    9. That’s awesome, that would definitely go some way as to cleaning things up. Any reason why you highlighted some of the details (like ‘active right now’)? As any other plugins that add details to the Cover now look out of place (as per my previous screenshot)

    Thanks for the fast replies and it’s great to see your actively improving things so fast. I’ve got one more plugin conflict I’ll send across in another post – Geodirectory

    Great stuff Brajesh, keep it up.

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    Brajesh Singh on #6598

    Hi Graham,
    I have updated the theme. Please download version 1.0.2 from your account and upgrade.

    Here is a list of things available now:-
    1. 100% compatibility with WPAdverts plugins
    2. Ability to control post type specific feature from per post type section in Blogs panel. For each public post type, we have a section there to allow customization

    3. Ajax registration plugin compatibility
    4. Login Button behavior enhancement:- If the right panel is available, the click will open right panel login form else the normal work flow.

    5. Main Menu- From Styling->main Menu section you can align it to left, right, center
    6. Content overflow fixed

    Here is the complete list

    Now from your post in this thread:-

    1. We have added fixes/updates for almost all except the offcanvas panel colors customization. We will be adding it in 1.0.3 as I wanted to provide details control for each part of panel( Panel, links, text, panel widget etc and their various states)

    2. Verified:- There is an issue with the verified plugin. When it ia active, Please follow this tutorial and put the css in advance section for activity reply badge fix.

    3. Cog Icon:- I see from the screenshot that you have the layout of item/avatar size customized. Please point me to the site with a demo login and I will help with css. For general case(where item list items have header, the contrast works)

    4. WooSidebar addn:- Aiming for Sunday/Monday

    This is not all, we are working on a few more things and we may have another update soon with more features/other plugin compatibility.

    Please do let me know which of the plugins compatibility are important for you and we will have them by next release if it is not compatible.

    Thank you

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    Graham Hoffman on #6625

    In response to your replies –

    -The update looks good, I’ve made the changes I can see.
    -The verified bit didn’t work as per the screenshot on ‘replies’ to comments. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3pz6di3z4e2sgpe/Screenshot%202016-12-02%2019.20.09.png?dl=0
    -Don’t worry about the cog icon, I’ll keep an eye on it, I had made profile images bigger which I’ve minimised slightly.
    – I’ll download WooSidebar and see how I get on.

    A few points:

    1. Any chance you have a changelog? It would be handy to go through a checklist against any changes I may need to revisit.

    2. In addition to that, does BuddyDev Dashboard not work with themes?

    3. Can we get a download of the child theme to ensure any future updates don’t wipe any customisation to colours or custom css?

    4 Facebook Metagraph, is it worth putting in the theme files or would you simply recommend a plugin?

    5 WPAdverts – The ‘new advert’ front-end has lost the H2 titles, making it hard to differentiate the seperate areas. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4itll7nw8pl09l/Screenshot%202016-12-02%2019.11.05.png?dl=0

    6. WPAdverts – I’m still only having about 20% of the image showing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nmbo84ufshmhe7t/Screenshot%202016-12-02%2019.11.18.png?dl=0

    7. Any idea when the Profile area / Coverpage changes will be released?

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    Brajesh Singh on #6646

    Hi Graham,
    Thank you.

    Did you add the css needed for verified? Please let me know if you have already did it.

    1. Yes, for now, Please see the Release history, In future, I will have it specified per page. It was too many changes in 1.0.2

    2. There is a problem with the Dashboard. It only supports plugin upgrade. We have plans to support theme upgrades on/before 15th December

    3. yes, sure, I have it ready. The only thing stopped me from putting it was the documentation for the usage. I will upload. It can be download from Your Purchased Themes page in future.

    4. I personally favor plugin here since the data will be retained even if the theme gets changed. If you are using WordPress SEo by Yoast, It already has this functionality. There are other plugin available too like this one

    5. I am sorry, can you please put a mark on screenshot and highlight it?

    6. Yes, I did check that. Can you please check it with TwentySixteen. It seems that the WpAdverts is scaling the image instead of cropping and that is leading to it. I am going to explore this one more time to see if something can be done on the theme part too.

    7. Please Visit Styling->Page Header and you will note the mask color there. That is background mask color for header.

    Please do know that our mask color applies to whole header but in case of facebook, the mask is only applied to the bottom of the header(where name etc is). Our current implementation is ok but not great with respect to mask.

    We are thinking about either writing some detailed tutorial or incorporating the partial mask at bottom on(It’s difficult with BuddyPress).

    Thank you

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    Graham Hoffman on #6723

    Excuse the delayed response.

    1. Yes, the CSS code is in – I’ve tried two places.

    Appearance > Custom CSS

    and Appearance > Customise > Advance Settings > Custom Scripts & Styles > Custom CSS?

    5. In the screenshot you should see ‘Contact Information’ and ‘Item Information’ – both of these are titles as seen on the theme prior to the update.

    6. I definitely get full photos on twentysixteen, but you need to recreate a new advert, alternatively edit the advert – remove the photo and add a new one. It doesn’t fix previous adverts automatically

    7. I’ll try the masking tonight, I feel it’s a great starting point having a full mask colour scheme.

    ***Important*** Unfortunately on using the ajax registration update we’re now having a situation that users fill in their login details but upon clicking ‘login’ get refreshed and are not logged in. I’ll provide a test login account in the next post for you to test.

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    Brajesh Singh on #6728

    Hi Graham,

    Thank you for the details.
    Since WordPress 4.7 released today and BuddyPress 2.7.3 will be releasing today, I am planning another release on 9th(The theme works with WordPress/BuddyPress, The release is just for making some new enhancements)

    I will be taking care of the 1,5,6(I am looking on 6, if that is the case, I need to investigate it) and the Geo Directory support.

    Can you please clarify me about the ajax registration bit. I had it tested before release but I may be missing something there. Will appreciate any pointing there. By login, do you mean the Right panel login form?

    Thank you

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    Graham Hoffman on #6730

    So I haven’t been able to replicate the issue last night, however I did 2 days ago. It’s very odd.

    He is using an android phone and I did test through an emulator which did login after refreshing the page.


    I might have to try with more users, however for this player I asked them to go directly to wp-login.php and that worked without any issues.

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    Brajesh Singh on #6749

    Hi Graham,
    Please do test and let me know. We had added the support for opening the pane form if available when clicking on the login button.

    I am also unable to reproduce it but I will try in a few other browsers too.

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