Nasty “bug” in BP_Profile_Completion

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    SX 109 on #42311

    Dear Devs,

    we fought with a nasty behaviour within BP_Profile_Completion for months now which prevents users from being able to access the site.

    The bug and original root cause might lay somewhere else, but still BP_Profile_Completion has a not 100% fail-safe programmed behaviour.

    Within has_required_field_data(), you check whether the user has filled the required profile fields. It may happen that within xprofile_data table, specific data is entered redundantly. Hence, the query

    SELECT field_id, value FROM {$table} WHERE user_id = %d AND field_id IN {$fields_list}
    may possibly (which was the case pretty often for us) MORE rows than unique field_ids.

    You could simply add ” GROUP BY field_id” to the end of the query, making sure, e.g. for 6 required fields, that only 6 rows are returned. OR simply change the line:

    if ( count( $profile_entries ) != count( $required_fields ) ) {
    if ( count( $profile_entries ) < count( $required_fields ) ) {

    (because we need AT LEAST X profile entries).
    This way, it greatly improves robustness.

    We fixed it ourselves – and simply hope – if you ever gonna release a new version, please consider fixing it as well.


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    Brajesh Singh on #42316

    Welcome to Buddydev.

    Thank you for reporting the issue and proposing the solution. This might have append on multi check/options field.

    I appreciate you sharing the solution. The GROUP BY clause will definatey fix it. We will update the code with it.

    Thank you

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