Posting an attachment/image URL in BP (oembed)

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    Vivek Mathur on #31322

    Hi, I am trying to post a link of an image in the uploads folder (uploaded thru the directory plugin on my site, which has a gallery), but in BP the oembed does not work and only the link gets displayed and not the image.

    Any suggestions on how I can post an image link and display the image ( i thought oembed should do it, as it is working for other links of my site’s posts/CPTs, as well as external links)

    I know your Activity Plus Reloaded plugin can do it (tried it), but since the users would have already uploaded the images in the directory gallery i dont want them to have to upload it again. Also i do not want to have videos and other links options that the plugin has – basically I thought oembed should do the job without requiring another plugin.

    link e.g:

    Any suggestions on this would be a huge help. thanks!


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