Questions Upon BuddyPress User Profile Tabs Creator Pro

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    Alex on #13670


    I view the following messages: at https://buddydev.com/plugins/buddypress-user-profile-tabs-creator-pro/


    Effortlessly add content using Visual rich text editor.

    It is flexible.
    You can add any type of content(text, videos, images, docuemnt, or anything that you want) .
    You can use html or text mode.
    You can use shortcodes to generate dynamic content.


    Two questions:

    1# how to show the history posts please? is there an interface to show the posts which users already posted?
    2# I note there is an “Add media” to add inline pictures into post content. I think it is used the button from wordpress default. I think it is ok to store media in wordpress media library, but I do not want user to access wordpress Media library during the process of post. so it would be great if there is a Button of INSERT IMAGE to simply insert images from local device. Also, I think it is a good way to use the medias which users already uploaded by your another plugin of Mediapress.

    What you think?

    BTW, is there a demo to show at your site?



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    Brajesh Singh on #13677

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you for posting.

    1. You can use any existing WordPress plugin that provides the shortcode for listing user posts and use the shortcode to list past posts.

    2. That Add media is for you(admin) add media in the tab content. It is not intended for the normal user.

    Sorry, we don’t have a demo for this plugin.


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