Relative Links vs. Direct Links on all MediaPress Attachments

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    Abe on #10993

    I’m experiencing weird linking behavior on my current WordPress Instance that I’m not sure how to fix.

    When I’m logged in, every activity post that is a MediaPress Photo shows the ‘logged in users link’ instead of the author’s link.
    When I’m logged off, every activity post becomes a relative link and removes the author’s link
    The same happens when use the Default Twentyseventeen Theme, Deactivate every plugin except for BuddyPress & MediaPress (Latest Versions) and use the same Database on a Duplicated Website.

    For instance:
    ## On the Activity Post, the URL for a Photo by ‘abe’ is ##

    ## And for Activity Posts made by other members, (Not Abe), it shows up as ##

    ## Even though (abe) is not the author of the photo, it should be: ##

    And that goes for every users activity post, it still shows the ‘logged in’ users link instead of the authors

    ## When I’m Logged Off, the Same URLs from above turn into relative links, meaning that the author link is not there ##

    ## This is where it gets weird ##
    I’ve managed to duplicate my website, (Database, Files & Htaccess), and use the Default Twentyseventeen Theme, Deactivate every plugin except for BuddyPress & MediaPress (Latest Versions), I get the same behavior as above.

    ## But, when I chose to start a new WordPress Database Instance (With an Empty Database) ##
    All of the URLS are correct and stay put even when you Log In/Off, and they don’t show up as relative links, but direct links with the proper author link in the beginning.

    So I thought [https://codex.wordpress.org/Rewrite_API/flush_rules] in the footer of the page would do the trick but that didn’t change anything.

    ## Is there a rule that is saved to the database that manages URLs for Mediapress? I only get this behavior on existing databse, but not when its a brand new database. ##

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    Abe on #10994

    (The photo where the girl is covering her face)

    Maybe it could be that MediaPress thinks it’s on a User Profile page, to show relative links, but its actually not.

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    Brajesh Singh on #10997

    Hi Abe,
    is there any chance that you have a filter on ‘mpp_get_gallery_permalink’ or ‘get_permalink’.

    It seems one of the above is return empty for non logged in user.

    I can only troubleshoot on the site, so if you can provide me a temporary admin account, I can quickly check the issue.

    Thank you

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