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    Tosin on #21438


    I would like to know ask some questions regarding how well buddypress can scale

    1. Can buddypress perform properly with 5 million members and 3 million concurrent members with all components active except groups.

    2. What i’m particularly concerned about is the buddypress file structure, database size. I am using a good hosting company that supports buddypress at https://www.siteground.com/buddypress-hosting.htm

    3. Buddypress has been known to perform well with niche communities with thousands of users, now i’m wondering if the buddypress core itself can be adjusted to scale to millions of users.

    4. If my site should ever get this large would you be able to provide support for scaling


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    Tosin on #21603

    Any feedback sir

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    Brajesh Singh on #21604

    Hi Tosin,
    Thank you for asking. I missed it earlier, sorry about that.

    1/3. 5 million users with 3 million concurrent users:- I assume by concurrent you mean users online at one time(I am assuming members and not the viewers).

    BuddyPress or any WordPress setup won’t be able to handle concurrency at this scale. If it was a WordPress only site and user’s were viewers, you could cache pages and manage this with some optimizations/better server.

    In case of BuddyPress or any WordPress community plugins, you can not use static caching for the social/community section and that won’t scale to this magnitude. Having a few million users is different than having a few million concurrent users.

    If you have only a few thousands concurrent users and the size of community is in million, BuddyPress can handle that case if used properly. In this case, custom codes/theme/plugins may prove to be bottleneck and you can work around it.

    My suggestion will be go with BuddyPress to validate your idea and once you reach certain milestone, start planning for a custom solution.

    Till then, you can optimize BuddyPress by using proper caching, CDN, offloading storage, and monitoring database for slow queries.

    Once you start noticing slowness and none of the above helps, It is time to move to the custom solution.

    In my opinion, BuddyPress is great if you have moderate sized communities but I will not recommend BuddyPress/WordPress if you are trying to build a facebook rival.

    It is aimed at creating micro communities/intranets/niche specific communities. It may suit better for validating your ideas in this case. Once you are certain about the number of users to be in millions, go for a custom solution. It will save you cost and headache.

    2. It should work. You can keep upgrading as and when the need grows. Don’t go for shared hosting though. Look at siteground’s suggestions for page visits to decide.

    4. When you site grows to 5 million + 3 million active, you will need a dedicated teem to cater to your growing community. It is worth it.
    I and my team will certainly be happy to workout a plan to assist you. It will be a pleasure to work on a community with such a large user base.

    All the best.


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    Bill Penick on #21648

    Hi Brajesh, While I’m not trying to build a FaceBook, I do expect membership in the millions. My aim is to provide small local communities with a set of tools to help build healthier, move vibrant neighborhoods. The communities number in the tens of thousands, obviously too many to manage in a multisite network. I then looked into offering these tools within groups…and possibly subgroups…within a single massive Buddypress site. My current plan involves a 200 site Buddypress multisite network with each site containing an average of 500 groups representing neighborhoods. While some plugins will deal with the larger site-wide, most of the tools will be plugins specific to interactions within the group…ie…group news, events, chat, forums, etc. Do you see any issues regarding scaling? Is a horizontal auto-scaling AWS EFS scenario my best route or would using EC2 AMIs for auto-scaling to use an image for spinning up new servers?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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    robidos on #47954

    to scale buddypress you will need to learn Kubernetes and things like MinIO.

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