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    Bill Penick on #21648

    Hi Brajesh, While I’m not trying to build a FaceBook, I do expect membership in the millions. My aim is to provide small local communities with a set of tools to help build healthier, move vibrant neighborhoods. The communities number in the tens of thousands, obviously too many to manage in a multisite network. I then looked into offering these tools within groups…and possibly subgroups…within a single massive Buddypress site. My current plan involves a 200 site Buddypress multisite network with each site containing an average of 500 groups representing neighborhoods. While some plugins will deal with the larger site-wide, most of the tools will be plugins specific to interactions within the group…ie…group news, events, chat, forums, etc. Do you see any issues regarding scaling? Is a horizontal auto-scaling AWS EFS scenario my best route or would using EC2 AMIs for auto-scaling to use an image for spinning up new servers?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.