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    Hello Olivier,

    I apologise for appearing uninformed. By default, only sitewide galleries can be created from the dashboard. It seems @sbrajesh mistook the feature from initial version. We stopped allowing the component selection in 1.0.0 itself.

    So, if you Visit Dashboard->MediaPress->Add New, you can add a new Sitewide gallery.

    Thank You

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    I was disappointed by your answer and test, because in my production site the problem was still there.
    So i test again in the development site, like you do it, and confirm that this is working and the new gallery appear in the list with the component “Sidewide”.
    I try to discover what could be the difference between our production site and our dev site and finally remember that the only difference was the “Redis object Cache” plugin to improve the performances.
    I try to deactivate this plugin and create a new gallery and it appear correctly with the component Sidewide !
    I activate again the Redis plugin after the Gallery creation and it stay correctly as Sidewide.

    So remember that the “Redis Object Cache” plugin can create conflict with your gallery creation system …

    If you find the reason of the problem or a solution please inform me …

    Best regards and thanks a lot for helping us to solve this issue

    Olivier Bourgeois

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