[Resolved] Two Member Types – should I delete the ones I already created?


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    r08 on #36364

    I installed BuddyPress Member Types Pro plugin and now in the admin page I see a new menu item under Users called “Member Types (pro)”. But There is also “Member Types” which is what came with BuddyPress.

    I’m confused about what to do with the member types I already created using BuddyPress.

    If I use Member Types (pro) to create member types should I delete the ones I already created using Member Types?

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    Brajesh Singh on #36368

    Welcome to BuddyDev support forums.

    You can leave the existing member types as it is and recreate them using the BuddyPress Member Types Pro.
    Please use the same key as in existing and the BuddyPress member Types Pro will apply the extra config even for existing member types.


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