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    Vivek Mathur on #26976

    Hi Brajesh, Ravi

    Had a query would be great if you can give some suggestion:
    1. On my site, i do not have friends, only Followers (using BP Follow plugin from Andy Peatling, r-a-y). I want members to participate in the Groups rather than on profile. I am also not using the sitewide acitvity (except for admin) and redirecting /activity for non-admins to their member activity page.

    In the BP sitewide activity update box there is a dropdown selector to post the update to any of the groups which member has joined, but in the profile activity there is not such a dropdown. Is there some way to get the dropdown on the profile update input box also – otherwise members post updates there which no one will see?

    2. I am using the BP Group notifications email plugin, which sends mails (i have set daily digest) for new UPDATEs in the groups. Is there any plugin which can also send emails for the BP noticiations for the members eg “ABC commented on your update”, “Your update has 4 new likes” ( i am also using Ulike plugin)- basically the notifications which are shown on the member profile also be sent as email?

    Will hugely appreciate any suggestions on this. thanks very much,


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    Brajesh Singh on #26979

    Hi Vivek,
    Thank you for the questions.

    1. Yes, it is doable but will depend on your template. It will need slight modification of the activity post form(removing the condition that hides group lists on profile).

    2. I am sorry, I am not aware of any such plugin.


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