User request for cache plugin with buddypress

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    Hervé on #15884


    I have tests but I can not seem to see the use of a cache plugin with buddypress. Plugin authors do not respond much except w3-total-cache who announces to be compatible.
    On shared hosting, what is your feedback on my pre-selection of 3 plugins

    Does this improve
    1 / the display speed of the page of a member (the most important) or activities and groups (less important)?
    2 / displaying other pages as connected members

    As the content of some profile pages can vary frequently (photo, description) they are the optimum configuration parameters?

    Have you had any problems?

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    Brajesh Singh on #15889

    Hi Herve,
    Speeds depends on a lot of factor. There is no predefined way to improve it.

    In order to improve, you need to find out the bottlenecks

    1. Is it due to assets(theme/plugin assets) or content (media, content etc)
    2. is it database
    3. is it the network

    Once you have found the bottleneck, you can work towards solving it.

    For database, I suggest installing and configuring

    The redis cache works with BuddyPress(most of the time)

    For others, you will have to keep trying and evaluating yourself.


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