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    David Underwood on #40452

    The plugin has a very useful field for Country/Region input with a drop down list. I used it on BBoss and wrote some ‘instructions’ text. It was noticed that on the Profile Edit for BB on the frontend, the instruction text was BELOW the input box (the other standard BB instruction text appeared ABOVE their input box) and the text was intersecting the lower line of the box (needs padding) unlike the other standard BB fields. Please rectify for the future plugin versions. Thanks. Using WBCom BuddyX theme with BuddyBoss.

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    Brajesh Singh on #40468

    Hi David,

    Thank you for reporting.

    The plugin is for “BuddyPress” and follows the BuddyPress’s way to putting description below field name. If BuddyBoss has decided to put it above(I am not sure if they did), we are sorry but we are unable to change it for that.

    Thank you

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