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    AngelinaJaade on #52601

    This plugin is then checked off as not the cause of issue and I shall contact Youzify, great idea!

    Thanks for your help, Ravi.


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    AngelinaJaade on #52534

    Thank you for the welcome and for replying on my post.


    A screenshot can help me explain how I mean:

    The red circled *Profile Settings* menu.

    In this screenshot there are four links in the Profile Settings menu, these are:
    – Base
    – Tags
    – My Testimony
    – My Baptism Story

    At time I took this screenshot, one link is missing from this menu. It is the one that goes back and forth between being visible and invisible seemingly with no rhyme or reason.


    I do not believe I am using any plugin to restrict profile groups. I believe this option comes with WordPress, but I could be mistaken?

    Again, a screenshot can help with explanation:
    (the irrelevant is whited out for simplicity)

    – First I created the *Member Type* titled “Christian Creator”

    – Using the same screenshot for reference, in the Users menu only one step above Member Types we see *Profile Fields*. This is where I have created a Field Group with content available only to this Member Type “Christian Creator” (and Admin and Moderators).

    And this creates a Link in the menu in Profile Settings, as in point 1.

    (My thought is that this possibility comes from WordPress and not any plugin?)


    By Default Theme, do you mean BuddyX instead of BuddyX Child? Or the Standard WordPress theme?


    My mistake, autocorrect hindered me to type Sysinfo.

    Your Forum Posting Guidelines Step 10:


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    AngelinaJaade on #52364


    was there a solution to this isssue?