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    Doss Shin on #42203

    Hi Ravi,

    Thank you SO MUCH for your prompt responses and exert help. I am very grateful.

    Your solution is working and it saved a very big worry of mine. I couldn’t sleep trying to get this working.

    Again, thank you so much.

    Also, is it possible to request for separate paid customization inquiries somewhere on this site?

    For example, we are trying to make Personal Activity Feeds only show posts from forum_id=55117.

    So the Site wide activity shows all the feed of all activity and forum posts, but on personal activities, it will only show posts that they’ve posted inside forum_id=55117.

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    Doss Shin on #42200

    Hello Ravi,

    It is not a group forum. It is just a regular forum but we are using buddyboss.

    Thank you.

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    Doss Shin on #42175

    Thank you for your prompt response. The primary_id=55117 is not pulling the forum id.

    I ended up just using:

    1. [activity-stream primary_id=55117] —-> doesn’t work
    2. [activity-stream primary_id=55117 action=”bbp_topic_create”] ———> doesn’t work
    3. [activity-stream action=”bbp_topic_create”] —-> works, but doesn’t filter only forum “55117”

    The result is: Sorry, there was no activity found. Please try a different filter.

    I made sure the forum id is correct, and the forum currently contains about 20 topics, and it’s not pulling it properly.