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    Evrard Asselin on #3261

    Hi sir,

    I do appreciate how fast you’re replying 🙂

    Thx for your time and answers.

    1/ Captchas :
    Here is my modal with Ajax registration => http://screencast.com/t/prstCOcw
    Here is my register page : http://screencast.com/t/sqpqOHm2Awoy

    FIXED : I was using the wrong plugin. SO now i’ll use the one you recommend.

    2/ Social login :
    I’m not using any for now, because when i tried somes of them…users can only login with it, but there where no avatar grabbbed from the social profile to buddypress. And no descritpion / infos grabbed too.

    If you have one in mine wich works with buddypress and grab the profile picture and import it on the new account…i’m taking it !

    3/ Thanks a lot for bringing the refund option. I do appreciate it. But before going to a refund could you jsut take a minutes to explain me a bit how a site like https://studentlounge.ie/ wich use BUDDYPRESS (check the source code view-source:https://studentlounge.ie/) can do this awesome registration popup ?

    If this something you can do ? I can’t find anyone who can help me about this problem 🙁
    If they’re doing it, how can we can’t doing it ^^

    Thanks again for your time.