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    giuseppe on #27415

    Hi Brajesh, yes I know link of GITHUB, Here it has been updated, but what I dont understand is why plugin has not been uptadet in wp.org. Why this decision? It seams it has no sense…

    What I have read is a post of ray 4 months ago where it said:
    “I won’t be updating the plugin any further.”
    So maybe in a few months plugin will not be updated…

    Thanks to informe me about your intentions (fork it in wp.org), your decision will be very apreciade for community.

    Can I open a ticket support on wp.org asking to ray about its intentions? I can introduce to my ticket support the link of your request in GITHUB (https://github.com/r-a-y/buddypress-followers/issues/111).
    Maybe ray forget to reply to you… So maybe I can refresh your request…
    Also, a ticket linked to your request should be interesting because it will help to comunicate to the community your intention to make maintenance of this plugin.
    So in conclusion, can I create a ticket suport in wp.org linked with your request? Are you in agraement with me?
    Let me know and thaks for your great support. Have a good live 🙂

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    giuseppe on #6537

    Hi @sbrajesh and @jonacin
    About the new feature (Notifies new post if, you’re friend who published), are there a news?
    I think it is a very good feature because it generate interesting notifications that can improve the interest about the web community.
    Are you working in to do that? Or you are not interested?
    Please, let me know.
    Thanks for your work.