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    John on #47748

    I’d like to piece this apart if I may:

    Just having the existing Buddydev profile completion plugin:
    1. Redirect users to one custom field set completion after photo upload
    2. Redirect users to custom URL after #1

    Would do a lot….

    The existing plugin is so close to that, and I think that solves a serious problem with the current sign up process.

    Regarding a multistep registration form, that is on the Buddyboss roadmap:
    (not sure if you use Buddyboss John)

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    John on #47732

    Ok, sounds good!

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    John on #47731

    One more thing: just thinking out loud here. What I’ve described above is good. What would be excellent is this:

    Site owner has the option in the plugin to only require profile photo and/or additional field set profile completion when users are trying to access a certain part of the website (i.e., the members directory).

    Would be great to require a photo right away, and then require additional profile field completion when users try to access member directory.

    That’s just my needs. I don’t know if others would want that. Failing this, I’d be happy with what I mention in the previous post.

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    John on #47727

    Hi Brajesh, I can share the desired workflow for my site which is using Buddyboss:

    1. User signs up and is only asked for email, password, username.
    2. User is sent activation email (this is handled by Buddyboss)
    3. User clicks on activation link in email and is returned to the site. They press “activate” button. (again already handled by Buddyboss)
    4. User is redirected to profile picture upload page with message “Please upload your photo to continue”. This is already happening with the current BuddyPress Profile Completion plugin, though it is slightly buggy (I sent you an email yesterday).

    All of the above already exists.

    5. After profile photo is uploaded, user is redirected to custom profile questions. Realistically, I think the site owner should be allowed to add one new profile “field set” and have the plugin work with that. So there would be the “Base” field set and one additional field set (could just be called “Profile” or maybe you can account for any name given….
    6. Once the custom field set is successfully completed and submitted by the user, the user is redirected to a URL that can be set in the plugin. That’s how we feed them into the next step of their user experience.

    So, as I’ve stated, I think the current version of the plugin is 80% of the way there.

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    John on #47721

    Hi John, well, the shame here is that Brajesh’s profile completion plugin is very close. Brajesh, what do you need to make this happen?

    Edit: Sounds good Brajesh. Thank you. (We were writing our replies at exactly the same time)

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    John on #47706

    I corresponded with Brajesh about this a while back. It’s a real issue with Buddypress / Buddyboss. There is no way to have a second set of profile fields (not required at signup), required after sign up. It’s a major limitation. I definitely need a solution.

    Ideally, we need the profile completion plugin to support a walk through for the user:
    1. Upload your profile photo
    2. Complete group 2/custom group profile questions.
    3. Redirect to desired URL after all steps are complete.

    This is really needed and I’d pay for it. The BuddyPress Profile Completion plugin already available here is maybe 80% of the way there….

    If this existed, then I can just ask the user for username and email at signup which is IDEAL!