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    Michael D’Abruzzo on #39543

    Thank you for the fast reply! I did what you suggested and that does work, but I do not know if there is a way to change the text format such as “bold” for the inserted labels in the meta display so it does not present as in this screenshot:


    In an update perhaps add an extra field type that is simply “Label” or “Formated Text/HTML” that is meant for bolder labels or other static content that has its own shortcode that can be positioned the same way in the meta display?

    Some suggestions that would make the plugin perfect in my opinion are:

    1. Add the ability for the post owner to see an “edit” button on the single published blog post page (instead of needing to navigate back to the list of all posts to find edit button for specific page)

    2. Add the ability to adjust/crop featured images similar to how buddyboss allows in their user’s profile.

    3. Allow the “date” field to present on publish with month:day:year instead of the year first.

    4. Allow embedding in the editors. For instance, if I click on “media” in the editor and try to post youtube video from a url, the embed code will post in the editor, but once I publish it disappears. This is also true if you want to embed a google document. (I am unsure if this one is a problem from my own settings or if this is true for everyone?)

    Thank you for a great plugin!