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    Emile Bastings on #41631

    Thanks Ravi,

    A1 – clear
    A4 – clear

    A5 – can user A see/edit all files in the medialibary that user B has uploaded?

    A2 and A3:
    In wordpress i can create some more profile fields that a user can fill in:

    Let’s say i have 3 fields that a user fill in:
    1: whats your favorite music
    2: whats your favorite food
    3: whats on top of your bucketlist

    Can we generate a shortcode for field 1 and show that on a tab? A shortcode for field 2 and show that on another tab, and so on?

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    Emile Bastings on #41616

    Yes i saw those 2 plugins. I have 5 questions regarding those 2 plugins , i hope you can answer them all:

    Q1: If i, as admin, create some tabs. Will these tabs be created as default tabs by each new user? So if i (admin) create a tab ‘discography’ and a tab ‘biography’, will every new user have those tabs in his profile?

    Q2: Can every user add text or whatever content they want in these tabs?

    Q3: The same 2 questions for tabs in a group. If these tabs created, can the creator from a group fill in the content on those tabs as he wanted with text?

    Q4: Is it the default tinymce editor that i use in wordpress that is showing when fill in the content of a tab? I’m asking because i want to use the ‘template’ function within tinymce.

    Q5: is there a possibility that a user have only acces to his own files in the wordpresslibary