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    Lapo on #9319

    I spot the problem few second ago! it was not a plugin issue, but mine fault! but before it works!

    this is the fault code:
    add_action( ‘bp_init’, ‘using_mt_register_member_types’ );

    should set to
    add_action( ‘bp_register_member_types’, ‘using_mt_register_member_types’ );

    so bp_init make the mess!
    thanks for your quick reply!

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    Lapo on #521

    no news? 🙁

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    Lapo on #490

    Thank you so much for such wellcome 🙂
    I’ve some likkle skills in developing but about Wp i’m still lost 🙂
    I tried to make some step by myself and something happen:

    I’ve 2 blog type: portfolio and actions.
    Actions are mapped with your plugin by the standard settings page.
    For Portfolio: -from the old plugin page I found the code for dealing with post type :

    add_filter(‘buddyblog_get_post_type’,’buddyblog_my_post_type’); function buddyblog_my_post_type($post_type){ return ‘portfolio’; }

    -from the article I can’t well understand where to put the above code.
    The only words are on frontend plugin and says: “The above code must be called on/before bp_init action priority 10.”
    but where?
    I know this issue can be made by my little knowledge of the wp framework.
    After looking around I found my personal copy of BP-COSTUM.PHP (my is located on plugin root directory) and I made it for some special interaction/costumization with others plugin.
    On that file I call an ‘init’ action for a costum field made for buddypress user registration:

    add_action(‘bp_init’, ‘bp_add_custom_country_list’);

    so i put the “buddyblog above code” before this hook, and something happen!

    Now both post showed in frontend view!

    Now I’d like to understand if its possible to tell to the plugin to use the appropriate single-portfolio.php and single-action.php for show the results post thats contains mine custom post’s field and how to add them to input form.
    And finally how to map the appropriate pages(new for both- archive of all actions or portfolio – archive for each user portfolio and action) and using my own pages with buddypress user and post type.

    can I even change some label like “new post” to something like “new portfolio”?

    thanks again for your patience!