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    Venutius on in reply to: Inviting Ideas for the best ever WordPress Gallery Plugin #640

    A feature I have looked for and not found, is a common area where all users can post and comment on pics. I have tried to recreate this by getting them all to join a photo’s group but this requires them to join the group and I find many do not.

    In addition, there should be ways to have featured images/videos, and a shortcode/widget where recently uploaded photos are displayed in slider format.

    To be clear, what I would like is for my homepage to have a listing of featured images and videos with thumbnail view. I would also like a slider showing all recently added images (not just from a particular gallery).

    I would like a photo’s page where the user immediate;y see’s all of the shared photo’s in thumbnail form and can chose to comment on any of them, without having to select a particular gallery. Same for Videos.

    Also, I would like the ability to promote a particular photo or video by sending out an email to all registered users with configurable text telling them to check out this or that photo or video.

    In addition users should be able to like or otherwise rate an image or video.