Theme Preview: Hi Buddy Theme for BuddyPress & WordPress coming this week

Today, I am going to share our latest love, the Hi Buddy Theme that will surprise you with Its BuddyPress and WordPress prowess. Hi Buddy is a specially designed amazingly useful theme for building any type of social community. It explores BuddyPress and shows the BuddyPress awesomeness as never before.

I will start with some screenshots to show the goodies.

Home Page:-

The home page consists of various widget areas which you can easily customize as per your need.

Members Directory:-

There are two variations of the members directory page. One is the full column view as shown above and another is 2 column view.

Activity Screen:-

and  the activity directory looks like the screenshot above.

and finally,

User profile:-

That's all for now.  here are some basic features for reference:-

  • Responsive design based on twitter bootstrap
  • Full featured admin panel to control layout/design
  • Theme compatibility with almost all BuddyPress plugins(that's our priority)
  • Multiple Page templates/Sidebars
  • html5/CSS3 complaint
  • and a lot more features…

So, what do you think guys? Is it something you would like to use? Is there something that we can improve?

We are aiming for a release by this weekend. Please do let us know your feedback and suggestions . We are looking forward to hear from you.

15 Responses to Theme Preview: Hi Buddy Theme for BuddyPress & WordPress coming this week

  • I hope it will publish before my premium account expire

    • Hi Jachin,
      We are hoping to release this Friday. I hope that will be fine with your membership.

  • Do this like button is another name for the favorite button or is a real like function?

  • Any news for this theme?

    • Hi Jachin,
      It is a little bit delayed. Hoping to put a beta by Friday night.

  • a really nice idea, I would take immediately if it is available in a beta version,

    • Hi Thomas,
      Thank you for the comment and appreciation.
      We are aiming for a beta release on Friday night. Hope that you will like that 🙂

  • Hmm i miss this themes. Nevermind. Thanks

    • Hi Jachin,sorry about the delays.
      I will send you a copy personally. right now, we are trying to add compatibility with some of our plugins and a few other popular plugins. Some final css tweaking is left too. I have not posted the beta yet as this is a very important theme for us and on't want to leave any bad impression on the initial release.

  • htmmm i didnt recevied any copy from you? When you send to me?

  • Any news on this theme?

    • Hi Luca,
      Our css developer is out of station at the moment, that's why things have been delayed. He will be back on Sunday and we hope to get it up for everyone on this Monday.

  • This looks like a fantastic theme is there any more news ?