Theme Updates for BuddyPress 1.2

Hi all

I am glad to inform you, today I am updating both the themes, bp-nicey and cosmic buddy for buddypress 1.2. So, I hope to make it available today/tonight or early tomorrow. This is just to keep you all informed. Be sure to check back late evening/tomorrow morning.

have a nice weekend.



10 Responses to Theme Updates for BuddyPress 1.2

  • Awaiting for your updates 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Sandeep. I am overwhelmed with the activity/wire changes. still making cosmic buddy compatible, most of the things are working, but they are not the 1.2 way, still needs a lot of work.

      • hello,

        congratulation for your work! do you have an approximate date for your updates?

        Because at the moment, I can not switch buddypress 1.2…
        Thank you very much, you do a super job!

        • hi sebgal
          Thanks for the comment. I am working on them and latest within 2-3 days , we can test them thoroughly and release, but may be even before 🙂

  • mub #

    When there will come this fine moment of updating, have tired of waiting 🙁

    • mub
      I am sorry, but the updates are huge. I have been ill for last 2 days, so even did not do anything here. I am doing my best. Anyway, i will try to put the "bp-nicey" today and cosmic buddy lateer. Cosmic buddy is in need of huge change at profile/groups page.

      • mub #

        I ask to excuse me if my message delivered you inconvenience.
        I am certainly ready to wait, as the volume of your work is huge and for you to make it there is nobody.
        Good luck!!!

        • hi Mub
          No problem, It takes time and sometimes I am not able to put the things on time(my fault). anyway, just updated Bp-nicey theme and Now updating the cosmic Buddy's profile section/group section. It should follow soon 🙂

  • Hi Brajesh.

    Hope you doing fine!

    I'm really waiting for your cosmic buddy update!

    when would this update be available?



    • mub #

      Yes, time leaves, it is time to pass to other theme.
      Good luck.