Using two step Login Authentication with Google Authenticator and BuddyPress

Before we start the tutorial, On behalf our team , I wish you a wonderful year ahead. May 2017 be the year of your dreams comrades 🙂

Have you heard about two step verification of user account? If not, it may be a good time to do so.

Google Authenticator provides two-step-verification for user accounts. If you are using WordPress, The excellent Google Authenticator plugin allows you/your users to setup it from WordPress Dashboard->Profile.

One of our members( Joshua ), asked about integrating the Google Authenticator plugin with BuddyPress and allow users to setup it from settings page.

Well, here it is. You can use BuddyPress Google Authenticator Helper plugin and once you have it activated, your users can activate two step authentication from their profile like this.


Users should scan the the barcode using Google Authenticator App for future use.


Download:- bp-google-authenticator-1-0-0.zip

Girhub Repo:-  https://github.com/buddydev/bp-google-authenticator

This plugin allows users to setup the two step verification from the BuddyPress Profile->settings->General Tab. The verification/login is handled by the Google Authenticator plugin.

Have fun!

9 Responses to Using two step Login Authentication with Google Authenticator and BuddyPress

  • That's a nice addition. I was wondering about a BuddyPress 2FA integration recently. This plugin will be very useful.

    • Thank you Renato.
      I am glad to know that it might be useful to you an other community members 🙂

  • What's your thoughts using 2FA this way instead of Clef for the Community Builder theme?

  • Another great plugin Brajesh! It's always good to add an extra layer of security to users profiles. 🙂

  • Brajesh, I always fail to complement you and your team. You guys are the best. This is a feature that I feel should just be "out of the box" from WordPress.

  • Hi,

    We use apppresser with Appbuddy (which uses Buddypress plugin). The Auth works good on the desktop but we need to figure out how to get it working on the app. Is there a work around to get this working on the Apppresser app also (uses Phonegap)?


    • Hi Ruben,
      I am sorry but I do not use apppresser and I am unable to provide any assistance there.

      Please contact their support and see if you can get some help.