Welcome to the New BuddyDev Website

At BuddyDev, we believe in continuous self improvement. It has been around two and half years since we launched BuddyDev and what an awesome journey it has been.  Thank you all for your continuous support and helping us to improve continuously .

While launching the new website,  I will take this opportunity to thank my new team members Pardeep Singh(our very own rockstar designer) and Kamal(the one who contributed day and night on the html/css and helped me to test most of the things).

In the redesign, we focused on two things:-

  • Usability of the site interface
  • Readability of the content
Though, the social section was not our focus, I am sure, you will love the new profiles we have introduced on the site.
Also, we are using the latest and the greatest versions of WordPress/BuddyPress. This website runs on WordPress Multisite. The new forums section uses bbpress2.1(bbpress plugin on a separate sub blog ).
We have rejigged our plugins/themes section(you will see all the version history information/downloads available in more usable way on these pages).

The BuddyDev forum(it has moved from old url https://buddydev.com/forums/ to https://buddydev.com/support/forums/) is built on the sub blog support. It was a pleasant surprise to find the upgrading from bbpress 1.x to 2.1 so easy(Special thanks to John James Jacoby for bbpress 2.1 and @Shawn for forum importer plugin(which is part of bbpress 2.1 now)).

We are still in the process of uploading the plugins/themes to the website(we changed our download manager plugin and created a new one for better version management).

In the next iteration(hopefully in a fortnight), we will give another shot on readability again.

And before leaving, I will like to tender my sincere apologies to all our members/visitors whom I could not reply earlier. Life has been a little bit hectic this year. I have promised my self to be more active and invest more time on BuddyDev. Hoping to reply you all by tomorrow.

Please do let us know your feedback about the new site in the comments below or using the left feedback link and help us make BuddyDev better for all of us.

PS: We will update(have already updated many) all of our plugins/themes for BuddyPress 1.6.x by this weekend. Also, we will be releasing BP relationship, private message attachment, blog avatar a n a couple more plugins by the weekend. There are 4-5 BuddyPress themes in pipeline, which we hope to complete by 15th september.

32 Responses to Welcome to the New BuddyDev Website

  • Nice! Congratz!

  • Great job, guys! I like the theme. Great choice of font and font size. It's well organized. And way to go with using BuddyPress!

    Now, go take your well-deserved nap. 😉

  • Wow! Well done. I like it. Thanks to Brajesh, Pardeep and Kamal.

    Enjoy your party! 😉

  • Hey Congrats Brajesh …. !!! Finally You and your team mates did the Job very well….

  • Amazing! I love the new design, hope to find a few new pro designed themes for buddypress like this now! 😀 thanks for all your efforts it is amazing to be part of this "developer-help-community", congrats!

    • Hi Juanma,
      Thank you. Appreciate your support and feedback. Even, we are going to release 2 buddypress and a couple of WordPress themes in next 2 weeks 🙂

  • The new format looks great! Keep producing high quality plugins and themes. I'm sure your supporters will continue to help you make things even better; just let us know ways we can help.

    • Hi Steve,
      Thank you 🙂 I appreciate your support and I am looking forward to get us all more involved in future to create new components. Will certainly need ideas/suggestions 🙂 Will have the suggestions/Ideas group live in a few days.

  • Hey guys,
    I just signed up for the premium membership on this website..But my status is still a free member….I didn't get any email or find any instruction…Can anyone help me out and tell me how this signup process work? Any help would be great!

    • Hi,
      sorry for the trouble. The membership is automatic activation but it has got some issue after the last update yesterday. Please allow me five minutes to update your membership.


    • Hi Truc,
      Please check now. Your membership should be active now.


  • sweet thing Brajesh, got it my friend! Thanks for this quick response

  • Why spend for a developer membership when your plugins are under gpl licence?

    • Hi Mark,
      There is no restriction on use as the plugins/themes are licensed under GPL license. We only request for developer license(It's not mandatory) to help us help you better. As a developer, we assume you will be using it on multiple sites, and your support requirements will be much more than a normal site administrator. the little extra cost helps us to devote more time(Though, it is upto our member to select the option and very soon, we will be updating our pricing page to reflect the same sentiments).

      • Developer Membership

        You get all the benefits above mentioned + you can use our themes/plugins for all of your clients. So, if your client wants a gallery, you don’t have to purchase the license again. Just use the gallery. This feature is not allowed by our standard license.


        • Hi Mark,
          In fact those details are from 2009 when I started this website. It is a fault on my part to keep it still there. We need to update that page and reflect correctly that there is no difference between developer/standard license any more.

          I don't want to go into the details of licensing, but earlier, we assumed the php code to be GPL but not the static assets. We don't want to keep it that complex and that's why we are changing the terms to reflect it correctly.

  • Brajesh congratulations on the redesign and hello to Pardeep and Kamal. Looking forward to the updates 🙂

  • Very nice work. I like the new look.

    • Hi Mrjarbenne,
      Thank you for the appreciation. I am glad you liked it 🙂

  • hello brajesh,
    I hate to write this question here, But i got his error with bp-gallery:
    “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-gallery/bp-gallery.php on line 304″. It's quite an emergency that's why i have to get your attention.

    • Hi,
      Just replied to your topic in the forum yesterday. Hope you got that. Please upgrade to the most current version of gallery for the fix.

  • I also am a big fan of the new look. Fast as well.

  • Hi Brajesh,

    Stunning redesign ! Congrats on that and the updates.

    Am really Interested in BP Auto Activate Auto Login but is it compatible with Bad Behavior 2.2.9 ?



    • Thank you Valentine 🙂

      I just tested the current version of auto activate auto login with bad behaviour 2.2.10 and it is allowing me to signup/activate automatically.

      I could not simulate the behavior with a banned account/ip as I don't have access to one such account.

  • Very Nice Website first time looked today…I hope you are not offended..but I did notice in your opening line> It has been around two and half years since we lunched BuddyDev" …I presume you meant launched not lunched…although did make me think of food & time to eat..again…I'll be back…Foodfriendfinder