What Is Upcoming In The Buddydev Premium

Well,here is the list of plugins,we are going to put in next couple of days in the buddydev premium.Amost all the plugins are complete,we are writing the documentation/readme so the things are a little bit delayed, but I hope, we will have everything by the 2nd of December.

Upcoming Plugins

Bp Chat

It is a facebook style chat for your buddypress powered site.Users may chat with friends only or anyone online on the site(depends on the preferences of the user).
It will save the state of chat ,even if the page is reloaded, and many more features

Bp gallery

This is going to be the ultimate gallery component for buddypress.Just to name a few features here.
For users

  • Create galleries(ajax ,without page reload)
  • Upload Images(using ajax upload,no page reloading is required)
  • Drag and drop reordering of galleries
  • Drag and drop re ordering of Images
  • Image wire commenting
  • Image tagging(like facebook/orkut in v1.1)
  • Privacy features(friends only,groups only ,private or public)
  • Bulk Editing of galleries
  • Bulk editing of images
  • Moving images from 1 gallery to another with ease

For developers

  • Easily templatable(we are going to publish the template tags soon)
  • Use only the features you want

For Admin

  • Set the upload limit for users
  • Activate /deactivate wire commenting

BP Auto activate AutoLogin-redirect to profile

Update: This plugin is released now.
check out Here

Auto activate users accounts when the create a new account and log them in directly.Then redirect them to their profile.So it simply does following

Buddypress Signup page->Click Complete signup->User account is activated automatically->User Is Logged In ->User Is re directed to their profile

Allow Users to select blog Theme at blog signup

well It is already there available in the premium section

BP My recent Visitors

Show users, who visited their profile recently (obviously a user of the same BuddyPress site). A list of most recent visitors will be shown

and the list continues….

If you join buddydev premium now before Christmas, you will get one month of Free membership. Anyone Joining on or before December 25, 2009 will get one month of membership free of cost for all the membership options.

Hurry and Join Now.

9 Responses to What Is Upcoming In The Buddydev Premium

  • Hi Brajesh, what's the time frame for the premium BP Album with all the goodness? Pls. tell me it's before Christmas so I won't go the Gallery3 integration route 🙂

    • hi Mercime
      Thanks for the comment.
      sure the gallery will be there within a week.
      I am planing to give it more priority,I will keep you updated and thanks for joingin buddy dev premium.

      • Great. I'll be glad to beta test. Please send me an email whenever you're ready and I'll check it out. I'm running WPMU 2.9 beta 2 and BuddyPress 1.2 beta (trunk-r2167) on the organization site.

        • hi mercime, thanks.
          I think you show my status. Now working on the gallery(which I already implemented earlier, doing code prettifying, database optimization and looking for better uploader script), and I will be sending you a beta version in 2-3 days 🙂

  • Sam #

    Chat – do you have an idea when we could expect the chat plugin here? I am thinking of migrating a site to buddypress but having a working chat is very important for this project. I would be very happy to subscribe here for a chat plugin (and also other plugins of yours look interesting!). Keep up the good work!

    • hi Sam
      Thanks for your comment and interest in the chat plugin.
      Please do not subscribe to Bp Dev premium at this moment if you are looking for chat only.
      I hope it will be available by the 3rd week of this month. Once it is available you can subscribe then.

  • Any update over your CHAT plugin like you mentioned here.
    Would love to hear from you.


    • Hi Rahul
      Thanks for reminding it. It has been unnecessarily delayed, but expect it to be within 2 weeks as I am scheduling it, It is half done(and I rewrote it for ajax Im, dropping my original code because of the issue of Presence detection)

  • Hi Brajesh,
    Waiting for BP chat, as you said today is 2 weeks over, any news?