Allow your users to change their Profile page background using BP Custom Background For User Profile Plugin

Here is another plugin to spiceup your BuddyPress Based Social Network. I created this plugin a couple of days ago when I saw @findly.tk's request on BuddyPress.org forum.

The plugin BP Custom Background For User Profile allows your users to set their own custom background image for their profile pages. It allows them to upload a new image and sets it as their background image. So, now every user on your network can have different background by using this plugin.


  • Allow users to Change their profile page background


With Cosmic Buddy

With BuddyPress default theme

Background Upload Page:-

Download &Installation:-

You can follow the development on github.com here


This is just a basic plugin. I am looking for some ideas like:-

  • Should we create a pool of custom styles and allow users to select one of them?
  • Should we allow users to change css (Though, I have avoided it because we do not assume the user to be a web developer, instead a set of custom color schemes will be better)

So, what do you think ? which features we missed?Β  How can we improve this plugin further?Β  Please share your experience in the comments and help us to improve this plugin further.

189 Responses to Allow your users to change their Profile page background using BP Custom Background For User Profile Plugin

  • A first step could be the possibility to set repeat/tile/fixed/scroll positions of the picture to select! Would be great

    • Hi Noizeburger,
      should not we leave that option for site admin to decide?

      Please have a look at the documentation here

      It shows how to do that for the site admins.

      • A #

        I would not leave setting positions to admin. They have no idea what kind of picture or placement a particular user desires. This is about letting a user customize their profile page, and admins should be as hands-off as possible, otherwise you're having the admins customize things individually for users or explaining to each user why they can't.

        • That is a valid point. It is now available for the users on the custom background upload page.

  • @sbrajesh !!! You rock!! I'll definitely be renewing my membership as you keep developing such great plugins! Thank you.

    • Hi Reboot,
      Thanks. I am glad the plugins are helpful. I will do my best in future to have even more useful plugins πŸ™‚

  • I have a highly customized theme for buddypress and when I try this nothing happens. I also don't know excatly where to put the code snippets to try it on the profile div or the css one. Any help?

    • Hi reboot,
      If you have a custom theme,
      Please make sure your body tag has in it.

      To try it in profile div, please put the snippet in function.php of your theme.

      • Thanks @sbrajesh can tell me where i should put the I am unsure of where to put that.

      • Also could you post the code how it would be with the body tag, sorry very newbie with php coding but I am trying!

      • Ok I added it like this to my themes header:

        <body class="">

        It didn't seem to mess up anything on my site but when I added a background to my profile, nothing shows up.

        • Sorry code got stripped:

          <body class="">

        • Hi Reboot,
          seems like your Buddy class is good.

          Have you checked by using the code from documentation section of this plugin. You can paste that into your theme's functions.php

  • Thanks! it works as describe.
    Just can't get the languages work: it will stay in english watever I do

    • Hi Claude,
      Thanks for the comment. Are you using version 1.0.1. If yes, Please put the language file in /languages directory of this plugin with your locale name like fr_FR.mo. That should make it work.

      • Hi Brajesh,
        that's what I did. Tried different names and different location/folder and nothing work.
        I'll send you my po and mo file

        • Hi Claude,
          Thanks for the translation. There was an issue in text domain name(type). Fixed it. Please download version 1.0.2 and upgrade(Your translation is included with that).

        • Reply here…

          Brajesh, it only partly works…
          Only the profil menu tag did get translated.

        • @claudegagn
          Sorry about the trouble. seems, I have made some other mistakes. Or may be I will need to regenerate the po file again. Will update it early morning now.

        • Hi Brajesh,
          since there were very few terms to translate, I've changed them directly in bp-custom-background-for-user-profile.php.
          So thanks a lot, this is really a good way to personalized a profile page.

          Also for @gregfielding : I've just created a uniform color image to change backgrond color.

  • @sbrajesh i've not tested it out yet.. but man, oh man.. nice!! this is what got myspace.com it's claim to fame… i love this! cant wait for you to put up the new files for all of us to download… and once i use it, may be we can discuss on where to take it next too?! i'm real excited. really good work brajesh.. awesome.

    • Hi Siddharth,
      Thanks for the comment.
      The current version works well. The trouble is with translation into other languages(non english languages). I will update the translation issue tomorrow.


  • Brajesh, this is really great. Do you think a color-picker is a viable option? I am intrigued at how we can define which div gets affected (using one of your snips from the bp.org thread).

    This is pretty close to being twitter-esque, where users can choose different images or colors for different parts of their pages.

    Well done as always.

    • Hi Greg,
      Thanks for the comment. It is not difficult to include color picker. The problem is how to bind different layout elements with the picker. Mostly, themes will have different layout(and different name for dom elements leading to a lot of trouble). I am not sure if we include color picker, how would we decouple it from theme and make it general purpose. Any Ideas on that?

      • I can imagine it would be tough to do in an easy-to-use plugin. What about the core enabling multiple instances of "background" images/color, then defining those different divs with snips in functions.php?

        For me, I'd love to see a user interface where they can choose a background color/image, just like now, then additional options for different divs – and maybe even fonts.

        I think we have to accept that every theme is going to name the divs differently – and in fact I would probably define a couple of more new divs if users could pick colors for them. I would think there would have to be a functions.php snip for each element.

      • What about, for now, just have a color picker that uses the same div as the image? So you could either have an image OR a color?

        • Hi Greg,
          I am really liking your previous idea. We can put some generator and a theme author can specify the customizable divs using an array and It will put ui automatically.

          Please allow me 2-3 days before I put it but I am assuring, we are going the first way you suggested.

      • Yes, allow us to (optionally) enter in our theme's divs, because we're all going to be using different themes. Also, does this work with the new BP1.3 – have you tested it yet?

        Members will absolutely love this plugin!

      • Oh, and if you decide to allow members to manually edit their profile CSS themselves, make sure you allow admins to disable this, because I wouldn't want my members to fiddle around with CSS and make a huge mess of their profile (none of them would know what "CSS" even was lol). Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • Brajesh, what a great plugin, love it so much, thank you so much.

    any idea how to on how to include a colour picker?

    • Hi Abbey,
      It is not a difficult thing to include colorpicker. The problem is, once we include color picker, do we want to use that for whole page background or for Individual profile element(say porfile header). If we ant to use it for whole page, I have no issues in including that(But I don't think anyone will like that).

      If we ant to allow customizing each section of profile using color picker, It will be come tightly coupled to the theme and won't work with different theme. That is the reason I have not included color picker. It can be done for a particular theme(May be I will do it for BP Mag soon), but not for all the theme globally as they have different structure).

  • 1+ for having options that people can select from.

    Perhaps also a way to assign a style sheet to a specified profile field. For example a user selects from a drop down that they are interested in football and they are then given a football themed background. Whereas someone interested in tennis would be given a tennis background.

    Perhaps extend it to allow further css changes. Maybe link these to roles, so that it is easily linked to a membership system. Then a paying member could be offered either more styles or the ability to upload their own background/ make other css changes.

    • Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for the comment.
      Nice idea bout stylesheet, but who will provide that. The question is, should we leave that upto the theme author? Because in most of the cases, we don't know if a global stylesheet will work.

      A slight modification can be easily done to allow it with roles system.

  • hi again i have a plan for ur next project plz make a plugin which ll allow user to tag there frnds in pics ….

    • Hi Naved,
      That is part of bp-gallery for BuddyPress 1.3.
      May be It will need openCV for face detection though.

  • hi nice work but instead changing only profile page background we can allow them to change the bg of entire site
    (means there entire account )not others but only there …like this bg ll affected as home page profile and all the page which admin has created !

    • That would be easy.
      Do you want it for logged in user?

      • Hi Brajesh,

        I have latest version of the plugin and looks like described feature wasn't added (global background). If it is easy, could you point on how to?

        "Do you want it for logged in user?" Is there any other possibility?


        • Hi James,
          Please wait for this weekend. You can set it directly from the admin panel settings.

  • @sbrajesh did you get my pm? I need some help with making this work with a custom theme and im sure it will help you see what other options could be included to help work with custom themes.

  • This is awesome, how could we update the activity feed when a member adds a custom profile background? @sbrajesh ?

  • One other bit of feedback – it would be good to have huge images automatically get resized. We should be able to set a max-width.

  • I would like the ability to provide a background template to the members, so it could be displayed as a thumbnail they could click on to download te template. They could then use that template to create a perfect custom template for the their profile.

    My site uses the 960 width so they could download a template that optimizes the space like a twitter/myspace background, with images to the left and right of the site content.

    • Hi Jeremy,
      The best way for this would be to use a help page and provide the custom templates. I am suggesting that, as you want to provide your users with downloadable template.

      I am looking for a suggestion though, would it be better, if we added admin panel for site admins and allowed them to provide a couple of custom backgrounds as ready to use thing for the users ?

      • I love the idea of allowing admin to add some backgrounds the members could select besides uploading one.

      • +1 for allowing the admin to upload some default images. That's what twitter does & people are used to it.

  • Brajesh rocks -> Simple.

  • Nice idea Brajesh,
    Few idea's though,
    Have the background image display throughout the whole front end of the website, Not just on profile,
    Also have the option to maybe allow admin to upload a selection of images, But leaving the option for users to also upload there own,
    That way it's best of both worlds,
    Also i wouldn't allow user to be able to edit CSS, You could if you wanted give the option of that, So if a user do know then they could use it,
    Maybe add that option in a Admin panel, Same as the options for picture display/size, options for full picture, stretched, tiled, Just a few things.


    • I just read Mercime's option on buddypress about allow background to change in groups, That would be good too.


    • Hi Ben,
      Thanks for the suggestion. It is certainly something we can do easily. I will be putting a commit today/tomorrow on github for the same.
      And I completely agree about the css with you. I too do not want to assume that the users will be web savy.

  • I know your busy @sbrajesh just want to ask here how we could have the members activity feed update when they add a custom background, that way other members will know and go check it out πŸ™‚

    Also I second the ability to add to groups!

    LOVE this plugin! Thanks Brajesh!

    • Hi,
      Please get the latest update from here

      and then you can put this code in your functions.php/bp-custom.php and it should add the activity entry on profile background change.

      • You rock!! works perfect! Will be watching for the groups code.

      • I just thought of something for the activity updating when someone changes their custom profile background. Users are going to play with this to check it out and also to get it looking right.

        Is there a way to limit the times it will show the activity updates in a certain time period? Say I tried 5 times in 5 mins to get my background looking right, I would be flooding the activity feed with 5 updates! Is there any way to work around this?

  • Brajesh,
    After playing around with this some more, I think that somehow having multiple-instances would be an awesome feature – either for images or colors.

    This could be used to upload a logo to a specific logo div. Or, even to upload additional profile images like facebook now has.

    Exciting stuff.

  • Brajesh,
    I tried cloning this plugin to create an additional Profile Header Image. Everything works except the image it shows is the same as the background image. I probably hacked this all to hell, but here's what I did…


  • @Brajesh, thanks for this great plugin, am a bit confused, is the above update posted in git hub different from the one we`ve downloaded, here? cause i could remember talking about allowing Amin to upload the images so that users can just pick from it.


  • Since you're already using the avatar upload function, does it complicate things greatly to also add the cropping function? It may not be necessary for full backgrounds, but I've decided to use mine to add a custom header to profile pages.

    Then, hopefully, we'll find a color-picker for backgrounds.

  • would be awesome to have this on the members wall as well, how could we do that?

    • Scratch that, it already does that! lol. Sorry, too much wine tonight! haha!

  • @sbrajesh any way to have the activity feed update only update say once in a certain amount of time? Right now I have members trying this out and loving it but trying multiple times to get it looking right and each time they try it will show an activity feed update so it can get out of control. I know I can remove the feed updates but members like that as well because they like to check out the custom backgrounds of other members.

    I believe some activity feed updates already act like this, as I have done several things in a short span and only seen one activity update for it, although I can't remember at the moment what they were.

    • Hi Reboot,
      I will post the code tomorrow for that. It is doable. sorry for delaying.

      • Just a friendly reminder incase you forgot πŸ˜‰

  • Brajesh,

    After playing with this more, there are 3 additions that would really make this plugin even better.
    1. Color picker option
    2. Add support for Groups
    3. Multiple instances, where one div could be a color and another an image, etc.

    If you need help testing, let me know.

    • Hi Greg,
      sorry I could not post on this plugin earlier. It was too much work updating plugins for bp 1.3. Anyway, I will take a look at it in the evening again and then post back.


  • @Brajesh Singh, thanks once again for this great plugin, if i dont want the background image to scroll with the other body i.e fixed. what code can i use?


  • Hey abbey, here is the code I added to my functions to customize it:

    [sourcecode language="php"]
    add_filter("bppg_iwilldo_it_myself","__return_true");//stop the plugin to inject css

    //now we can write our own css


    function my_css_for_profile_bg(){
    return;//this user has not uploaded an image yet
    <style type="text/css">
    body.is-user-profile {
    background:url(<?php echo $image_url;?>); background-attachment: fixed;/*please customize it*/
    body.is-user-profile .wrap{


    You may need to modify it a little, not sure.

    • some of the code got cut out, not sure how to post code here without it getting messed up.

      • Updated your comment with correct markup. Please use [ sourececode language='php' ]
        code ..code..
        [ /sourcecode]
        to make it readable.(Please make sure to remove the spaces after the beginning of the square bracket)

  • Always the best, cool stuff, looking forward to the update


  • I would love to see the option to set background img to fixed. I injected the above code into my functions.php @ the bottom of the form completely and it gave me a syntax error, so i had to loin via FTP to mod the function.php with notepad.

  • @Ryan, can you check if the code is missing, because the above code worked for me.


  • Sorry, body.is-user-profile{
    i can use WPMU + Buddypress
    not display background
    not files directory
    but in blogs.dir directory
    how to change files directory to blogs.dir ?


  • Excuse me. body.is-user-profile{

    but not display background image
    why ?

    • Hi,
      which version of BuddyPress/WordPress multisite you are using ?

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  • Nice work, Brajesh. How about the following: While providing the option of choosing a background image to the user, how about providing the user with an opacity control to control the visibility of the background through the BP page (I don't know what to call this..) of information displayed? In other words, I would want the appearance of what's displayed as "integrated", as opposed to the way it is now, which is there's a background and then there's stuff on top of it. You asked for ideas… πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Quint,
    Thank you for the comment and the suggestion. There are some major changes coming this weekend(which I promised long ago) for BuddyPress 1.5 and will certainly make a point to include your suggestion πŸ™‚

  • moo #

    Fantastic plugin! Works great.

    What would be brilliant is the group background idea people have brought up. Giving admins the option to customise group backgrounds would really make Buddypress complete for me.

    Thanks alot

    • Hi Moo,
      There are many new things coming. I was working on the suggestions of Greg and many others about the flexibility. Got them almost working but because of my health could not put them at work. Hope to have an updated version next week.


  • sam #

    Great plugin, thank you brajesh

  • I just installed "BP Custom Background For User Profile", and it doesn't show up on the profile settings. I am using Buddypress v1.5. Please help out.

    • Hi Akoya,
      No, the current version is not compatible with BuddyPress 1.5 and the development version has too many features but not fully implemented. So, I could not put it online. Will be doing my best to complete it by Monday.


  • Will the next version include this same functionality for groups?

    • Hi Shayne,
      Thank you for the comment.
      To be honest, I am not sure about including group support. There is too much change in the user section(specially for theme authors to register their own styles). I will try to include the support for group but unable to promise at the moment. Hope you understand.


      • @sbrajesh I'd suggest just getting a working version for the profile first, then work on the possibility of groups later on. Just get it out there, and avoid feature bloat πŸ˜‰

        I must say that, adding the ability for members to select pre-made styles for their profiles would probably be the most important feature of all, since 99% of members are not web or CSS savvy.

        Thanks for the great plugin!

      • Hi Brajesh, I would like to modify your plugin to enable a custom background image for the member's header div, rather than the body container. Do you have an alpha version of the plugin working on BP 1.5?

        Otherwise I've begun adapting it using the latest BP Skeleton plugin, but there's no sense reinventing the wheel if you've already made progress yourself.

        • Hi Steve,
          I can update the current version of the plugin for bp 1.5(just a couple of minor changes, please let me know if you want that). The project is available on github, if you want to fork it, please feel free to fork πŸ™‚
          The new version will take some time as there are major changes for a theme developer.

  • If you wouldn't mind Bravesh, I am busy working on it now. There are just a few changes to make it BP 1.5 compatible but I'd rather you apply these, then I will alter it further to enable site owners to use it to change the background image within the members header container. Let me know when you've got something I can use.


  • Right. I have fixed the BP 1.5 compatibility and set the inject_css function to target the div#item-header container. There are a couple of functions that are needed to make the user experience smooth and trouble free;

    1. add a crop function after image has been uploaded, but before new header is displayed (I'm taking a look at the standard bp-default header customisation to see if we can adapt this_ – Brajesh if you've got anything already available then please let me know.

    2. the delete function really needs to be javascript enabled with a bit of ajax, in the same way that 'Delete My Avatar' functions within 'Change Avatar'. It doesn't make sense for a user to select the (delete) radio button and then upload an empty input field.

    3. I've noticed that the bp_core_add_message is not being cleared after a successful upload – any suggestions on how this can be fixed?

    4. ideally for non coders the plugin would need an admin page to customise the 'inject_css' parameters to suit the theme. I have mine set as a single image (background:url() no-repeat scroll left top transparent), but some themes might wish to allow the choice of repeating a background sprite, or even providing for a CSS3 gradient fill option.

    So, apart from adding image cropping and a bit of javascript it's pretty much ready. If anyone is able to offer suggestions on the issues above, then I'll wrap it up and fork it on github.

  • If anyone else is desperately awaiting this plugin, I have posted a fork of the current code on github. I'm still working on it, but if you feel inspired to contribute then you're welcome to join in. It's BP 1.5 compatible and works fine on my dev site, I also attach an image to show how it looks when wrapped in some nice CSS..

    Github fork – https://gist.github.com/1274930

    • Hi Steve,

      Nice update but that still wouldn't be able to work with BP 1.5 branch,
      I updated this about 3 weeks ago, Very simple, I haven't updated it to take on board any suggestions people requested as i thought I'd leave that to Brajesh πŸ™‚
      Any way all's you'll need to change on yours is if(!bp_is_member ()) to if(!bp_is_user ())

      • Hi RUDD3R, I am currently using it with BP 1.5 and it works fine, but I will re-check the filters.

        Here's a screenshot of how it's currently looking – http://skiddnet.com/netdev/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/skiddnet-member-header.jpg

        At the moment I'm trying to find the time to add image cropping, a proper 'delete' button and then produce a similar function for BP Groups.

        • Hi Steve,
          I have updated this plugin to version 1.0.2
          Now, It allows the proper delete button(as you had suggested) with a preview of the current background image. The backgrounds are deleted using ajax.

          As of your other feature(cropping), That is not on my menu for the version I am working. As I said previously, you are always welcome to fork it on github for that purpose. Even if I add the crop(I believe It is a lot of code bloating and js for a small feature), I will do that only after I release the next version with the flexibility I have been talking about. hope you understand πŸ™‚

        • sorry, the updated version is 1.0.3 not 1.0.2 as in my previous comment. A mistake on my part, I had missed to check the existing version.

    • Moi #

      Hi, i cant make it work on bp 1.5 πŸ™

      • Hi Moi,
        Please download version 1.0.2.
        I have updated today. It is a compatibility release for BuddyPress 1.5

        • Hi Brajesh,

          You should of said about doing a quick update for this,
          I had already done it for BP 1.5 including the AJAX for delete function and also a preview image, I did this about 2 weeks ago,
          If i had known i would of posted it here instead of you having to do extra work on it.

        • Hi Ben,
          Thank you for the comment. My mistake, I should have asked here.
          Initially I was hesitant on updating the plugin without the features I have worked out, then seeing a lot of comment on this post I decided today to update it with the legacy branch.

          Appreciate your support and work on updating many plugins. You have been a great help here on Buddydev πŸ™‚

      • sorry, the updated version is 1.0.3 which is compatible with BuddyPress 1.5

        • No problem Brajesh,
          I'm always happy to help,
          I never said anything myself as i knew you have other features planned for the new version,
          I just thought people could of waited for it, So our mistake.

          I have just tested the updated version and I'm going to use your js as it's lighter than mine,
          Everything else is pretty much the same πŸ™‚

  • Moi #

    Thank you Brajesh Singh for updating this great plugin, its working now πŸ™‚

  • Hi Brajesh Singh, thanks for creating such wonderful plugin. I currently have problem to make the plugin works with my current theme (which is a non-buddypress theme). Do you have any idea to fix this issue? Thanks.

    • Sorry for getting back late.
      Please make sure you have plugins.php in your current active theme/members/single/ directory.

  • Brajesh, I have made the necessary changes to this latest version (1.03) to change the background behind the profile avatar, rather than the background of the whole page.

    One issue I've noticed is that the Delete call doesn't remove a previously uploaded URL from the input field, hence when the delete is performed it re-uploads the previous image. Delete works fine when executed for the first time (on a profile where the image has not been changed) but thereafter the input field remains populated with the last entry.

    It just needs a refresh on save/delete.

  • Hi @sbrajesh the latest 1.03 update that adds the delete button and the preview works ok but there are two issues.

    – when uploading a large background image, the preview will be large and spill into the widget area, is there a way to fix this and limit the size of the preview?

    – Clicking delete should refresh the page if possible to show that the delete worked, right now it just removes the preview but you still have the page loaded with the background and I can see that confusing some users.

    Also, a reminder… Is there a way to limit the amount of times the background activity (custom code posted by you above) will show in a certain time period? Many users take several shots at getting their background to look right and it floods the activity stream with updates. would be nice to have a limit on how long till the next update. Say if you updated it 5 times in 3 mins, it would only show one update.

    • @Reboot if you want to stop the over spill into the widget area then you can insert
      max-width:100%; on line 197 of bp-custom-background-for-user-profile.php under body.is-user-profile{

      • You may also need to add it to your default.css dependent on what theme your using to.

      • tried to add it like this and it didn't have any effect:

        [ sourececode language='php' ]



        • I fixed it!

          Starting at line 100 just add width="100%" into the img src url like this:

          <img src="" alt="current background" width="100%"/>

  • @sbrajesh can we have this work with achievements? can you add that in?

    • and can you take a look above this post and give us a fix for the background image being too big when showing the current one on the settings page. thanks πŸ™‚

    • I second this! This would be perfect for Achievements, as an unlockable ability πŸ™‚

  • BUMP for a profile background achievement! πŸ˜‰ @sbrajesh

  • Moi #

    Hello, thanks for this great plugin.
    Any chance to see a css customization ?
    So users can also change font color, size etc..

    • Hi Moi,
      I am sorry for the delays in coming up with new version of this plugin. Been busy a lot recently. I am hoping to put something in Feb which should do most of what we have talked earlier.

  • @sbrajesh Awesome work. Though I noticed something. Is this plugin only supposed to allow you to see your background or does it allow others to see the background you chose when you visit their page? I've set backgrounds on multiple member profiles but I can not view them. I can only view the background on my profile page and can not view the chosen background on other member profiles.

  • Also, is it possible to disable the upload feature and give the members a set page of graphics they are allowed to choose from as their background image?

  • One more thing, instead of allowing all members the ability to set a background image, is there a way for an admin to hand select members to get this ability?

  • Any way to get this to also work for the users author.php profile?

  • Waiting for the new update as the current update does not seem to work with my site/Theme. πŸ™

    I did a sstaright install .. The background uploads OK. I can see it in the upload area, but when I go to my page .. I cant see it.

  • Hows the update coming along ?

  • Hello! How can i customize a specific DIV background not all BODY?

  • Upload worked great for me, however it spills over into the header which makes the navbar hard to read. Is it possibly to stop this? I thought it would only change the profile background, not the whole page.

  • Any update for the css, color, and so on?

    • Hi Artcore,
      I have a version with css working. The real problem I am facing is the use of multiple uploads and managing them.

      • Oh i see,
        well is there any update you might be releasing soon including this function because i really have been looking into adding this function im working on this project and i wanted to include profile custom color you know like color picker so my members can customize there profile ect..

        im not much of a big coder myself so i needed this function.
        i hope you can help thanks for the great work

  • Thanks Brajesh! is possible to create a middle crop stage? I want to use your plugin to create a square cover for each member.

    • Hi Javi,
      It is possible using image_resize function after line 154.
      If you do that, please do share the code., if you want me to show an example, please do let me know, I will do it this weekend.


  • Hi Brajesh,

    Are there any plans for Groups support in the next version? I would also like to request this along with the others. I think it would be an amazing addition to an already amazing plugin!


    • Hi Roger,
      Thank you for the comment.

      I can easily put the group support with this plugin. I have avoided it as another version of this plugin which allows using css selectors etc is in the midst of development. Some features working and some not. Once I get time to finish that, I will be putting group support for sure.


      • I came to request this, I would love it if groups were able to get custom backgrounds as well.

        • Hi Chris, we have already completed this plugin. I will release it tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • Hi Brajesh,
    I got a problem when i refresh page after image upload every time a copy of original image get created.
    and I also want to change the upload directory.

    • Hi Akash,
      At the moment you can not override the upload location as we are using wp_handle_upload function to upload and it does not allow overriding upload location.

      About image refresh, which version of BP/Wp and which theme you are using?


  • Hi Brajesh, great plugin idea, it doesn't seem to work with the Frisco theme currently (works fine with buddypress default theme). Any suggestions on how I can get it working with the frisco child theme?

  • I am using buddypress with premiumpress themes and every time i use the custom plugin by brajesh it does not work. Please help. I need this plugin to work on my website.

  • Sorry, I forgot to ask, is there any way to customise the CSS of this plugin to fit in with the parameters of the existing theme. Like for example, the profile might be 500 x 500 and you would want the background only to be inside the profile and not outside the profile as there is already a Css theme in place already. Please help

  • Hello there,

    I'm using BP 1.6.13 and your latest plugin version. Works great in BP default theme, but i'm using Frisco and it does not work at all.
    It's a test site that i want to create and this option will be great for me.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi DjMkee,
      Thank you for the comment. I just checked your site. It seems you have switched back to bp-default theme. Please do let me know when you switch back to Frisco and I will provide the code for you.

      • Thank you! Is back on Frisco

        What i figured out is that frisco theme has a 100% body container or something like that and there is no background showing. That's what is belive is the problem.

        If u find a solution will be great!

  • U can use demo demo for user and password (nume utilizator / parola)

  • Can u please tell me where to add the code? I tried in bp-custom.php and in function-custom.php but then the site wont load.

    Sorry for my noob question! Thanks in advance!

    • Hi,
      You can add it in bp-custom.php or functions.php
      Just make sure you are not overlapping the php tags with the already existing one(opening and closing tags).
      You may copy the code in leave the tags(from above code) and then try pasting it in your bp-cstom.php

  • Great background plugin! My members will be thrilled to have this feature. Great work!

  • Hey man, great plugin. And I updated it on my client request. Now you also may specify background repeat option, that pretty useful to load wide or tall bars instead of full screen background images.


    I can send you code if you interested to update your plugin.

  • At my site the background image occupies the whole page including the content and widget areas. How can I solve this and have it look like the screenshots above?


  • Hi Brajesh, I know it's been asked here before, but how can I let people choose images from some that I define instead of uploading their own? or maybe even give them a choice of either uploading their own or choosing ones we define.

    • HI Natalie,
      It is not yet part of it. I am hoping to have it this month though.

  • Hey where are the background uploaded in wp-content directory?

    i need that because i having problems with w3tc.

    • Hi Aayush,
      there are normal media. So uploaded in wp-content/uploads/ directory and the actual location will depend on how do you organize uploaded media(month/year)

  • Hi Brajesh, how can i change the upload path of the images? I want to make the images go inside a folder called user-bgs inside uploads folder.

    Thank you for the awesome plugin!

    • Hi Roger,
      The only way is to use 'upload_dir' filter and check with condition bp_is_user/other case, to check if you are doing it for background upload plugin.

  • @sbrajesh, I just noticed that "change background " also visible while viewing your friends profile. this need to show on my profile alone and not while viewing my friends profile.

    Anyway to fix this?


    • Hi Abbey,
      Are you logged in as administrator. Admins can see the upload setting for other users but not the general user.

  • @sbrajesh,

    I logged in as a test user, and the link is still showing while your are on your friends profile,

    I can give u a test access if you want.

    • Which version of BuddyPress you are using? I just checked it on BuddyPress 1.7.3 and It is working fine to me. I haven't tested it myself on BuddyPress 1.8 but I believe Anu tested it.

      Anyway, are you using any capability manager plugin, just saw one thread on forum with users having 'delete_users' cap getting super admin sort of access on Normal WordPress.

      Please do send me a test account. That will help.

    • Hi Abbey,
      Please download version 1.0.5. It fixes the issue and adds support for background repeat option.

  • @sbrajesh,

    Thanks for the update, the problem has been solved. one more thing, can I continue to use the bppg_iwilldo_it_myself snippet to stop the background from scrolling or I dont need it with this update.


  • Hi,

    I have loaded the plug in but appear to be unable to get the option? Any suggestions?


    • Hi Vikram ,
      The options are visible under Profile menu. Please check your BuddyPress profile menu for change background options.


  • Hello –

    I was wondering which file I need to edit to change the opacity of the background image.


    • Hi Diana,

      To add opacity of background image. you can add in (bp-custom-background-for-user-profile.php) on line no 272.

      Here is the code:

      [sourcecode language=""]
      //inject css
      function inject_css(){
      $image_url = bppg_get_image();
      if(empty($image_url) || apply_filters( 'bppg_iwilldo_it_myself', false ) )
      $repeat_type = bp_get_user_meta(bp_loggedin_user_id(), 'profile_bg_repeat', true);
      if(! $repeat_type )
      $repeat_type = 'repeat';

      opacity: 0.4;
      background: url();
      background-repeat: ;




  • A #

    I just started membership and using this plugin for our site.
    I see the options, and uploaded the picture for a member https://bitpad.net/members/juanita/ and cannot see where this is applied. I tried viewing the public profile at https://bitpad.net/members from a logged out user, tried viewing the different profile pages as the user and cannot see where it is actually applied.
    Also may I please suggest some refinements on the ../member/profile/change-bg/ page?
    When they upload the image and set the position it seems to accept fine. But if it does not look good and they try to change the placement without re-uploading the image, when they click the new placement underneath the image and click save, the error "Please upload only JPG, GIF or PNG photos." pops up indicating they need to re-upload the image each time they click on a new placement, although it seems to save the new placement for the existing image, this coincident error message may lead to questions if they need to re-upload it each time they click a new positioning and save.
    I cannot really tell if it is applying the new position because the profile page does not seem to be replacing the site image with this one though.
    This is a very smart idea. Users like to customize their own profile pages making it seem their own. I really hope it works out good, I am excited to see it in action πŸ™‚
    If you need testing credentials please let me know privately somehow or what to do.
    Thank you

    • Hi,
      Please drop me a demo account for testing purpose. It seems on your site there is small css conflict which can be easily fixed.

      I am not sure about the error, I thought We had fixed it in last release. will test and let you know. There is no need to reupload in case of changing position.

  • A #

    Hi Brajesh,
    I have registered you on the site. If you need me to escalate privileges for your account let me know.
    The site has both a public and private place, and the user https://bitpad.net/juanita has enabled public viewing of basic profile as well, so you should be able to view the profile page logged in as a member or not, and have full control of public/private listing on your account as well so you can see how it looks to the public or to site members, friends, etc. if it helps any. Ideally I would like this profile background to be universally integrated into their member profile page like other things, so it should not matter if they choose friends or public visibility, their profile background should be consistent is my goal please. I think once you view the site maybe I didn't need to explain.
    Thank you for your help!

  • Hi.

    In BuddyPress Group Customizer Lite we got code:

    $image= bgclite_get_image(false, 'thumbnail');

    So I can set width of image in media settings.

    I'd like to add this code with image size 'large' to: bp-custom-background-for-user-profile.php

    Could You help me about that?

    Much thanks for these simple and useful plugins.

  • I love this plugin it solved a major problem for me. It would be great if the background image didn't scroll with the whole page. It would be awesome if there was something that could keep the background images in fixed position. Would help a whole lot!

    • Hi Fred,
      Thank you for the comment. You can easily control that by background-attachment:fixed in your css.
      Hope that helps.

  • Hello,
    I am running wordpress 4.5.3 and buddypress and buddyboss 4.3.2
    I just installed BP Custom Background For Users Profile plugin and it doesn't change the background.. it shows the profile photo in the profile but the background still remains blank. Can you please tell me how i can fix this. I will send a screenshot if necessary.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hello,
    I am running wordpress 4.5.3 and buddypress and buddyboss 4.3.2
    I just installed BP Custom Background For Users Profile plugin and it doesn’t change the background.. it shows the profile photo in the profile but the background still remains blank. Can you please tell me how i can fix this. I will send a screenshot if necessary.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for the comment. It seems a theme conflict. Can you please post a topic on our forum and I will assist you(will post a little code required). Please do link a screenshot and let me know where you want the background to appear.

      Thank you

  • This is a nice plugin, but is there a way when you set no repeat that it takes the image and fills the page, or fits image to page width and it scrolls with the page?

    Is there a way to apply the same but on group pages, but can only be done by admin or creator of the group page so those who join the group cant change it.